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May 30, 2011

Welcome to the final column of Kate follows Celia. Final because I’m leaving the country, and it just doesn’t feel right to write about Celia when I’m not around to follow her. My idealism of politics has, over the course of a few short years, largely disappeared. I recall revelling in the beauty of democracy. […]

May 23, 2011

This is the response I received from Celia about her thoughts on Wellington as a supercity. I thought it would be interesting to show the points that Celia brought up, compared to what I considered to be important. I also thought it would be interesting to put up an entire answer from Celia, rather than […]

May 16, 2011

The proposal of amalgamating the Wellington region’s councils has been floating around for a few years now. In 2009, a study was conducted to look into the possibilities of council restructuring. While it considered many options, from keeping with the status quo to total amalgamation, it made no recommendation as to what option we should […]

May 9, 2011

Wellington City Council’s Draft 2011/12 Annual Plan is out now! I know everyone’s super stoked and already read it all, like, three times over. It’s Celia’s first Annual Plan, so it’s quite understandable that you’re excited about it. But don’t worry if everyone around you can’t stop talking about it, when you haven’t even glanced […]

May 2, 2011

I’ve had a beef with Celia and the Wellington City Council lately. They’re all too happy to increase rates to cover the cost of projects the public don’t want; Celia’s come out in favour of this Basin Flyover business; the Central Library will be closing earlier; some councillors don’t appear to respect Celia at all—the […]

April 11, 2011

New Zealand is a secular state, meaning that state and religion are entirely separate. In correlation, today traditional religion plays a less important role in society. People still want to believe in something, so they are turning to alternative things to worship, like Facebook, consumerism and Star Wars. There is substantial evidence to suggest that […]

April 4, 2011

Celia Wade-Brown is the subject of this column and the subject of this issue of Salient is childhood. What better way to combine the two than to write about Celia’s childhood. But I wanted to know more than what I could find and the best way to do this was to write a fictional story […]

March 28, 2011

Public participation gives the Council a better under-standing of the problem and an outcome that more people are happy with. Usually this means that the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts are maximised for everyone as well. If more people are happy with an outcome, policies will be more legitimate and easier to enforce. Participation […]

March 21, 2011

Celia Wade-Brown expressed her sympathies to those who lost family and friends during the Christchurch earthquake disaster, and is heartened by support that has poured in. The Council are inviting the public to sign a condolence book for those affected by the earthquake. Head down to the main foyer of the Council building (101 Wakefield […]