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Salient talks to Connor Amos and DeeDeeWitt. Recently, members of the transgender community have been portrayed in the mainstream media as egotistical, confused attention seekers. Kelsey Harvey sat down with Connor Amos and DeeDeeWitt to meet those behind the label and dispel the myths perpetuated in broader society. Many thanks are due to Connor and Dee [...]


Human observation is a hobby of mine, absorbing a stranger’s behaviour, language and interaction with both their environment and with other strangers. I’m the creeper you see sitting in the café corner or on the pavement contently watching everyday happenings, nothing of significance, just commonalities that tie us all together as people. As much as [...]


second-hand but mint condition How do you know they’re gay? I often get asked this question, and me, being a smart-ass, know-it-all, invincible youth of the gay community, respond with, “I just know”. As though there’s a dancing neon sign above them that straight people can’t see. I know I can’t determine anyone’s sexual orientation [...]


Every New Zealander wants to raise an All Black; it’s a never-ending cycle of hope and disappointment. It starts with the baby branded stretch ‘n’ grows, leading to the rough and tumble toddler play fights, which soon develops into the wrestling in the mud in the schoolyard. Eventually you get the tweens actually learning the [...]


I have recently discovered that my guidance throughout my childhood was complete and utter crap. I’ve always thought I was raised to know my basis of decisions in everyday situations; the situations where you question yourself and a rhyme, song or saying bursts from the back of your mind (mine is normally in my grandmother’s [...]


My flatmate asked me “Is she spoken for?”, referring to “Is she single?”. The interpretation of this was that said woman had a partner that spoke for her. Basic, I know, but have you ever heard a common phrase and overlooked it until one day unexpectedly you hear it like hearing it for the first [...]