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Critical voices have asked where the angry writers are; where are the writers who challenge our comforts and understanding? Where are the social novels? Where are the writers that roar? With his new novel Freedom, Jonathan Franzen gives an excellent answer.


As the book unfolds it becomes clear that the central threat to Borlú and the Cities is, and always has been, existential; it lies in their un- knowledge and un-perception of each other. To solve the case Borlú must decipher the boundaries of his cultural reality—he must see for the first time in his life.


‘Several days before Christmas 2003, Joan Didion’s only daughter, Quintana, fell seriously ill. In 2010, Didion marked the sixth anniversary of her daughter’s death. Blue Nights is a shatteringly honest examination of Joan Didion’s life as a mother, a woman and a writer.’ It was with the expectation of infinite sadness I started Blue Nights. [...]