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September 28, 2009

The 2009 world press photo exhibition comes to wellington What do an iceberg, a soccer team and a free restaurant have in common? Art, of course. They make up the three-pronged attack the clever chaps at Clemmenger BBDO took to promote the World Press Photo Exhibition showing at Shed 11 until 4 October. Unlike many […]

August 17, 2009

An exhibition of energy balancing artwork by Henri-noel Venturini. What is perfection? If we saw it would we know what it looked liked? This was a question posed to me by one of my lecturers this week. Considering he’s rather middle-aged and balding (but trying to make up for it with a mullet and beard), […]

July 20, 2009

Ah winter, the season of staying inside, watching excessive amounts of trashy weekday tele and generally avoiding anything involving the words ‘out’ and ‘side’ put together. So why was it that on a cold, rainy Wellington afternoon I found myself bucking the trend of usual winter behaviour and braving the not-so-friendly southerly? It was time […]