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The latest chapter in a seven-year legal battle over abortion law began in the Supreme Court last Tuesday, and VUWSA’s Women’s Officer says students should pay attention to the proceedings. In Right to Life NZ v Abortion Supervisory Committee, Right to Life are alleging that not all abortions carried out in New Zealand are legal, and that [...]


UniQ’s O Week party showed that there is a large LGBT community at Victoria, but Voluntary Student Membership has left the University’s queer student group struggling to find the resources to support them. Around 150 students packed Cuba Street’s gay bar S&M’s to capacity in a celebration VUWSA’s Queer Officer Genevieve Fowler described as “pretty outrageous”. She [...]


When Minister Can be Bothered The Government is taking a critical eye to how New Zealand’s tertiary institutions are governed, with a particular focus on transparency. Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce has said his officials are in the process of comparing New Zealand institutions with overseas ones, to see if any changes should be made. [...]


Students at the University of Auckland took a hammer to an ice sculpture of Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce last Wednesday in an effort to draw attention to rising course fees. The Auckland University Students’ Association (AUSA) provided the frozen likeness of the Minister, and invited the student who came forward with the highest fees [...]


Students are being urged to engage in Greater Wellington Regional Council’s consultation on an upcoming major overhaul of the city’s bus system. In its largest review of the system in twenty years, the Council is proposing the creation of new bus routes, as well as the cancellation of existing ones, most notably the #18 ‘Campus [...]


Students across the country rallied under the We are the University banner last week to protest a range of policy changes in tertiary education. The group listed the erosion of democracy on campuses, the hiking of student fees, and the ACT Party’s VSM Bill which passed its final reading in Parliament last Wednesday as its [...]


I don’t like rugby and prefer to pretend the World Cup (RWC) isn’t happening. Fortunately I live in a part of Wellington where that’s easily done; my neighbours seem to have a similar lack of enthusiasm (I’m pretty sure the sport of choice here’s either tree-hugging or yoga) so it’s like nothing’s changed since the [...]


Students joined Black Cap Peter McGlashan to launch a nationwide campaign across university campuses to combat family violence last Tuesday. The event hosted by NZUSA’s Tertiary Women’s Focus Group celebrated New Zealand students’ associations’ decision to join the Blow the Whistle campaign. McGlashan, the campaign’s organiser, explained it is an attempt to combat family violence [...]


The amount of post-graduate study needed to gain a Masters Degree in New Zealand may be halved as universities attempt to increase profits from international students. Pat Walsh told Universities New Zealand’s Committee on University Academic Programmes there is “no doubt” that the length of the New Zealand Masters programme disadvantages New Zealand universities in [...]