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Feature writer Philip McSweeney doesn’t have a smartphone, so we got him to investigate the world of mobile-phone gaming apps.


They explained why they go to church on Saturday; why, when they fast, they don’t eat animals who shed red blood; how they volunteer for the community, and have done for 30 years. They were weird. They were lovely. They were human.


I don’t think it’s contentious to say that bodies, and specifically orifices, are wonderful – but fucking weird.


The Grace Jones story is one marked by freneticism. After settling in New York by way of Jamaica and a brief stint in Paris, she pursued at once a modelling career, acting career and music career, proving herself appallingly adept at all three.


Just 20 years ago there were no forums, no circulation of information, personals in the paper were unvetted and risky; that our cultural landscape has changed so swiftly for the better is a testament to how fucking great the internet is, surely?


I’ve been an avid music listener/consumer for years, and I thought I might impart some of my scant knowledge regarding genres on the trail-less-travelled for your amusement.


I met Jack (pseudonym), 59, habitual marijuana user, at his home. Usually when we picture the abodes of tokers we think of derelict state houses, ramshackle bungalows. Jack’s abode was antithetical to this perception: lavish, multi-storied, adorned with art.


“Last night, my boyfriend fucked another girl,” Isobel told me over a beer.


Let’s talk about sex (and gender), baby (and all the good things that may be).