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I wanted to hear a taxi-driver’s tales unmediated, and wanted an outside perception of the New Zealand experience.


Oh water, the most humble and most important beverage. We need it to survive. We should imbibe six-to-eight glasses daily to achieve optimal health…


Is it any wonder we don’t trust politicians, or are disillusioned with the political process? Claims of the ‘voter paradox’ aside, we are conditioned to think of politics as toxic from day one.


‘Museum of Endangered Sounds’. This website was launched in early 2012 with a mission to “preserve the sounds made famous by my favourite old technologies and electronics equipment”.


Salient reporter Philip McSweeney checked out some of the places who offer kai around Kelburn Campus. Here are the results.


I heard on the wind that there was a party at Weir House with a rumoured 1000 people invited. I had to go and infiltrate this scene of hip youth if it was the last thing I did before my 22-year-old lungs gave out.


Feature writer Philip McSweeney doesn’t have a smartphone, so we got him to investigate the world of mobile-phone gaming apps.


They explained why they go to church on Saturday; why, when they fast, they don’t eat animals who shed red blood; how they volunteer for the community, and have done for 30 years. They were weird. They were lovely. They were human.