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March 18, 2019

There is only one dream which has ever truly frightened me. I cannot tell you how frequently I have this dream, only that it is often enough that if I think of it while I am trying to sleep, I feel sickened and unsettled. I am alone in a desert. The sand goes on, and […]

March 12, 2019

There is a football competition for “people who are unlucky”, Jaka Arisandy told me, his hair perfectly coiffed and swished to the side. It was September 2018 and I was in Indonesia, as an assistant for an external evaluation of Rumah Cemara, the Homeless World Cup’s National Partner there.   Jaka’s parents were separated, an […]

March 11, 2019

School students in Wellington are planning to ‘strike’ from school on March 15 to protest political inaction on climate change. The movement is part of a national and global network of protests, inspired by Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish activist. In Wellington, the students will march from Civic Square to Parliament, down Lambton Quay. Raven […]

March 4, 2019

Whenever I ask, “So, do you read?” to any new acquaintance (who may not realise the weight of the question), the response is all too often a variation of, “I used to read a lot, but since I started uni/high school/intermediate, I haven’t had so much time.”   This is an unfortunate reality. It is […]

March 4, 2019

Recent climate research has emphasised some of the particular effects which climate breakdown may have. “Climate breakdown” is an all-encompassing term for the dire effects of human-caused climate change beyond mere warming. Nick Golledge, Associate Professor at Victoria University of Wellington’s (VUW) Antarctic Research Centre, recently published a study in Nature, modelling projected sea ice […]

February 25, 2019

A Victoria University student has created an app to help limit the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) Infection Services collaborated with Mansour Javaher, a software engineering student, to develop the app. The app, named “Empiric,” was part of Javaher’s Honours degree and based on CCDHB’s infection protocols. Empiric […]

October 15, 2018

White North American girls across Wellington have joined to form a “Spring Solidarity” support group, to cope with missing autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The group meets in Starbucks every Tuesday afternoon to sip pumpkin spice lattes and flip through Instagram photos of their antipodal friends. “#decorativegourd, #fallenleaves, #octobervibes…I’m missing out on all of that,” […]

October 15, 2018

While you were studying, “studying”, or generally letting your own life consume your attention this year, things were happening in the world. Some larger themes — the US is a mess, the UK is tangled in Brexit, New Zealand is relatively functional, but is far from perfect — may have percolated through to you. In […]

October 15, 2018

After months of hounding by Salient, and despite VUWSA Treasurer-Secretary Jack Donovan’s many promises, the VUWSA work reports are still not available on the VUWSA website. As a result, students have no way of holding their student union executive accountable. The work reports are a written record of the hours and the work that the […]