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It’s time. Many people might be feeling a little bit relieved that this Saturday, finally, is the New Zealand General Election. With just five days to go, there’s still heaps of election-related happenings on campus so you can get informed and vote for what you care about.


Why is it so hard to get cheap affordable food on campus? And whose idea was it to build the Hub, a giant common space for students, without a student kitchenette? Tough questions. Here are my top five tips for spending as little money as possible on campus…


Hello! Nominations close on Tuesday at 4.30 for positions on the VUWSA Executive for 2015. If you’re umming and aahing about whether to give it a go, my advice is: do it.


Occasionally, someone asks the question: “Why doesn’t New Zealand have a strong competitive inter-university sport culture? Where are the mascots and fierce competitive spirit?” For this week’s Sport issue – let’s talk about about an organisation called University Sport New Zealand.


It’s time to smash the roof open and rethink everything.


As a Pākehā New Zealander, I felt a bit apprehensive when deciding what to write about this week. I wanted to make sure that while putting forward my perspective, I straight-up acknowledged that I am still learning about the fullness of what a true Treaty partnership means.


It was incredible to see the turnout of students at the ‘Let Me Go Home’ Event last Tuesday. Around 200–300 students came out for the march, which advocated for a community against sexual violence.


Last week, alongside over 2000 other Victoria students, I graduated. With my pale pink fluffy hood and a hat (‘trencher’) that was a little too big for my head, I proudly crossed the stage, shook the Pro-Chancellor’s hand and returned to my seat.


Week 9 already! There’s heaps on this week so make sure you keep tabs on what’s happening.