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It is all too easy to feel guilty or ashamed that you aren’t shouting from the rooftops with your queer peers.


(But only if it’s to make mo-ney.)


University more democratic than VUWSA, for once!


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“I’m not angry, just disappointed.”


VUWSA is just really quite fucked at the moment. And we won’t be at all surprised if McCourt decides never to return from his upcoming US junket. Here are a few reasons why.


Their ‘Time to Pretend’ is running out.


Last week’s Sounding Out the Student Voice explained the ongoing issues facing the Student Forum. This week we present the Salient guide to what the Forum is, and what it should be.


It’s been one and a half years since the Student Forum was passed by the University Council, and in that time—and despite over $100,000 budgeted for it—the Forum is yet to get off the ground and live up to the expectations of what was promised.