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ABANDONED AT birth, Casablo was raised on the street, honing a never say die attitude and a taste for the blood of babies and puppies. One day Casablo looked up at the newspaper that had so loyally kept him warm at night and was horrified at what stared back at him, making it his life goal to fight the system in the most horribly ineffectual of ways. When not writing – or pretending to be inebriated – Casablo runs a horribly unsuccessful private detective agency with his crime-fighting partner, Fifi Mimosa.

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July 24, 2006

NO JOKES. IT’S been a shitty week. No, worse than that – a goddamn awful week, where I wanted to do nothing more than yell at a number of world leaders and was often tempted to scream at my morning newspaper (opting instead for a casual “don’t shoot the messenger” shrug).

July 10, 2006

A week is a long time in news when you actually pay attention…

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