“Yeah, but the book’s better.” A phrase heard only too often. A phrase you’ve probably uttered before in an attempt to appear literate.


New from Auckland publishers Hue & Cry Press is this gorgeous, haunting book of prose poems. It’s an autobiography in verse – or a series of biographies threaded together.


A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing is a rebellion. It’s a revolution and it’s a punch in the guts. It came out late last year, but the book recently won the prestigious Baileys Prize (formerly known as the Orange Prize for Women’s Fiction). And it’s Eimear McBride’s first novel.


A few weeks ago, Victoria University’s creative-writing institute, the IIML, announced a new undergraduate course beginning in Trimester 2: Te Hiringa a Tui, the Māori and Pasifika Creative Writing Workshop.


It was only occasionally that I found myself humming ‘This Charming Man’, but the general ambience of Morrissey circa 1983 abides.


News Pigs reads like a twentysomething’s enthusiastic but clumsy attempt at experimental writing and Pynchon-homage.


Atkin’s writing is fast-paced and conversational. The dialogue is sharp, witty and (if the rumours are true) will suit being made into a film script.


The Families collects portraits of middle-class New Zealanders connecting themselves to the people and places around them.


Her world is one of galloping horses and unfinished edges. The same characters are always looming, shifting in and out of the light.