A forthcoming comedy series set in our very own Wellington, Capital Culture, is generating a lot of buzz. Philip McSweeney got drunk with a couple of its cast members, and what he discovered Will Surprise You.


A Sunday-night flat-bonding movie night seems like a bright and brilliant idea. Yet somehow, the process of actually choosing what to watch carries with it a very high risk of being dramatically unsuccessful.


Seinfeld is the best TV show ever. Just about four pals, living their lives, hanging out and having a laugh. It’s. Just. So. Great.


I went to see the movie with a group of five other friends on a Saturday night dressed in our best #yopro attire, where we totally spent 20 minutes before the movie taking selfies with the life-size cutouts of the boys. We all had a fucking amazing time.


Woody Allen’s latest venture, Blue Jasmine, has been hailed as one of his best (well of the last 20 years or so at least). I’m inclined to agree.


This biopic/documentary, which explores the life of writer J. D. Salinger, tests the boundaries of how far creative licence can stretch.


High quality meets low budget! So much freedom of expression! Long enough to hold interest and provide some plot, but not too long that they are a massive time-suck. Here are five of my faves.