I went to see the movie with a group of five other friends on a Saturday night dressed in our best #yopro attire, where we totally spent 20 minutes before the movie taking selfies with the life-size cutouts of the boys. We all had a fucking amazing time.


Woody Allen’s latest venture, Blue Jasmine, has been hailed as one of his best (well of the last 20 years or so at least). I’m inclined to agree.


This biopic/documentary, which explores the life of writer J. D. Salinger, tests the boundaries of how far creative licence can stretch.


High quality meets low budget! So much freedom of expression! Long enough to hold interest and provide some plot, but not too long that they are a massive time-suck. Here are five of my faves.


From The English Patient to the German dictator, here are 12 films which have at least something to do with politics, for your viewing pleasure.


I went with a friend, although it would probably be great as a quintessential date destination—“Hey babe, lets go look at the stars tonight” *vomits*. Ross and Rachel first had sex at a stardome. That could be you.


Here is a list of films about the self and improvement and personal journeys. Sometimes succeeding and sometimes not.


An extended interview with feature-film/TV director Sean Baker.