Never fear! Here at Salient we have condensed the NZIFF guide into seven new categories.


It’s now time for Salient to throw off the shackles of “good taste” and give in to our gnawing base urges. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to review porn.


Helmed by the seemingly evergreen J. J. Abrams, Into Darkness epitomises everything great about the Hollywood blockbuster—it’s big, flashy, compelling, and a little bit corny.


Every year, thousands of eager filmmakers compete in what is arguably the most hectic film-production contest known to mankind. Salient Film Editor Gerald Lee sat down with student filmmaker Michelle Kan to discuss the competition and its appeal.


Evening Flix comprises a series of movies examining the lives, works and worlds of various artists. Here’s a quick guide to what’s being shown.


While Alex Galvin’s new sci-fi feature proves to be a technical success, it falters on an emotional level due to some irritating performances and underwritten characters.


Rust and Bone really should have been titled Raw and Bloody—such is the level of realism and graphic imagery that prevails in this French film.


While it displays Brandon Cronenberg’s obvious talent, Antiviral never quite matches up to its more renowned genre-siblings.


For the purposes of your global education, here is Salient’s guide to the highlights of the Documentary Edge Film Festival 2013.