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July 10, 2016

It is a wintery Monday afternoon in Tolaga Bay (Nastyville) when Akuhata Keefe strolls in telling us that he has just finished chopping up the rest of the deer he caught last weekend; he went hunting to celebrate his 16th birthday. One word that comes to mind when talking to Akuhata Keefe, otherwise known as […]

May 29, 2016

Tickled is a documentary on the surreal practice of professional tickling uncovered by David Farrier and Dylan Reeve. Imagine receiving an unsolicited email inviting you to participate in competitive, endurance tickling with the promise of free flights, five-star accommodation, and thousands of dollars. In that same email, this disclosure appears: “Presently, I’ve been shooting all-male casts. It is […]

May 22, 2016

★★★★½ Director: Drew Goddard   Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: a group of college kids decide to go on a fun getaway to a cabin in the woods except horrific, violent, and fatal events ensue. Of course the answer is yes, because it’s a premise that has been done a million times […]

May 22, 2016

★★★★★ Director: David Lynch   If Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Interstellar, and The Shining all went to a pre-school together, Mulholland Dr. would steal all their crayons and send the lot home in tears. Some may label it as crazy, while others regard it as one of Lynch’s finest works, but it is […]

May 22, 2016

Don’t get me wrong, the film is funny. But it is incredibly hard to make a film that goes nowhere feel satisfying.

May 15, 2016

★★★½ Director: Robert Eggers   As it made its way around the International Film Festival circuit, The Witch began to gather a reputation as contender for horror flick of the year. An article published on Indiewire claimed that the film had been officially recognized by the Satanist church as a true satanic film. Please, don’t […]

May 15, 2016

★½ Director: Babak Najafi   London Has Fallen, the sequel to the 2013 blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen, does not necessitate prior knowledge of the recurring characters, nor does it require an appreciation for good cinema. You do need a strong stomach for violence and a predictable plotline. The film follows the exploits of Mike Banning […]

May 15, 2016

★★★★ Directors: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo   While not as impressive or gripping as Captain America: Winter Soldier, the Russo brothers deliver a satisfying and fun followup to their first film. Filled with amazing action, mostly impressive characters, and thought provoking ideas, the brothers have made a film that balances out a plethora of […]

May 8, 2016

★★★★★ Director: Jon Favreau   We’ll start by saying that we grew up watching Walt Disney’s 1967 The Jungle Book every other week, so Jon Favreau had some big shoes to fill. The film follows the narrative of Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 novel, but breathes new life into the series, turning it into a fun, thoughtful, […]