It’s dangerous to go alone; take this.


Susan, a 45-year-old mother of two small children and self-professed expert in Rockstar’s newest phenomenon, is here to tell you all whether GTAV is worth throwing your life away for.


Being able to shout at your friends with sometimes real, sometimes put-on rage while trying to get the edge is always a great outlet for all that pent-up adrenaline you get while playing competitively.


The benefit of writing an article on a major gaming announcement several weeks after it has been released is that murky details can be clarified, and shockwaves from drastic changes have had time to settle.


Just like you shouldn’t eat ice-cream and steak (in that order) for every meal, I’m starting to realise you should play some 6/10s or 7/10s with your 10/10s.


Maybe the indie market is where developers themselves, rather than the suits who boss them around, can rule as economic giants.


Need a perk-up? Here are five great free-to-play games!


It seems to me that ‘video games’ as a whole get a whole lot of flak for being violent, and that this mainly comes from people who have either never played a video game or seem to think shooters are the only type ever made.


Love-child of French developer Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain is video-game experimentation done right.