June 16, 2015

★★★★½ Shovel Knight is a delicious blend of the old school and the new. It’s a side-scroller adventure game that reminds the player of the 8-bit era, while packing in heavy RPG elements, Dark Souls-esque death mechanics, and replayability. At first glance it might appear that Shovel Knight can’t contend with the AAA titles which […]

June 1, 2015

House of Wolves, the new downloadable content for Bungie’s Destiny, dropped last week. Like the main title, it is both great and sometimes disappointing. Destiny is polarising. People seem to love it or hate it. Destiny is paradoxical. In some ways it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played; in others it’s undeniably, well, […]

May 24, 2015

Well, Konami has certainly put on a clinic in how not to run a video game company. They have pretty much alienated their consumer base by making one big blunder after another—blacklisting and censoring critics, cancelling their biggest and most expensive projects, holding insane and nonsensical press conferences. I’m willing to bet no sane developer […]

May 11, 2015

How Valve nearly ruined everything with paid mods Valve Corporation has had an excellent reputation amongst gamers for a very long time. Their bibliography of titles includes some of the most ground-breaking and critically acclaimed games of the past 20 years, most notably Half-Life and its sequels. Steam, a major Valve project for over ten […]

May 3, 2015

This games column has in past focussed first and foremost on reviews. The thing is, being a gamer isn’t just about playing games that are out; it’s also about getting unreasonably excited about games to come. This week I thought we’d spice things up and take a look at two of 2015’s biggest upcoming titles. […]

April 27, 2015

So, true story: some sort of colossal fuck-up at the Salient offices meant there almost wasn’t going to be a gaming page this week. Baz, our intrepid games editor, was desperate for anything to fill the page, and so he turned to the guy who owns neither a console nor a PC that can play […]

April 19, 2015

★★★★½ Helldivers is PS4’s latest, a brutal top-down twin-stick shooter that places you in the role of a space marine serving the mighty Super Earth! Super Earth, obnoxiously bigger in grandeur and populace than, say, “Earth”, finds itself fighting three different wars. On different galactic fronts you will fight bugs, cyborgs and illuminates (which are […]

March 29, 2015

For reasons I cannot fully comprehend, rhythm games seem to be making a comeback with the announcement of a next-gen Rock Band game. How exciting this must be for those who actually bought the plastic instruments. I, however, have neither the space nor the money necessary to get such rubbish, so I set out on […]

March 29, 2015

★★★★½ Interesting characters, a fun crafting system, and an engaging open world make Dying Light the equivalent of a Far Cry game with zombies. Dying Light’s gameplay is reminiscent of developer Techland’s previous work, the Dead Island games. The player primarily wields a series of ridiculous and lethal melee weapons to take down swarms of […]