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August 5, 2019

My grandma had hands that could knead love into Panipopos Sew consideration into pe’as for white sunday And slap sense into the back of my head because I’d giggle at how she said “Luisa aua ke fiaboko” I could see her pride in the way she’d curl ribbons on the ula loles, waddle up to […]

August 5, 2019

“It’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it”   When you ask me if I’m algood, the tone in which it is asked will dictate my response.    I watch to see if the curves of your mouth betray a sly smile, or if your eyes stay hardened as they look back […]

August 5, 2019

School Strike 4 Climate 15/03/2019   Papatūānuku and Tangaroa transcend time, lives & worlds. They interlock and intertwine as one – with deep rooted whakapapa to all worlds. As protectors of the earth & seas, our guardianship has failed. The human race have polluted & destroyed this earth and its oceans. Now, climate change is […]

August 5, 2019

Growing up not knowing Pacific was a minority Family was the only thing to me that was priority Grew up in a community where there were no opportunities and they judge us still, like they have fucking authority   The struggle is real, but I hold myself down tight To every poly keep fighting this […]

August 5, 2019

Mou te ko, mou te ere,  Kia pukuru o vaevae Kia mokora o kaki, iekoko! E tu, e ara, e te au potiki o te Kuki Airani Mouria to korona, takina ki runga. Kia kite te kato’ato’a i te peu a to’ou Ipukarea   Mou te ko, mou te ere,  Kia pukuru o vaevae Kia […]

July 22, 2019

i think the problem with black history is that we already know how this song and dance goes, glass half empty. i watch three black women put a man into space   and i’m always waiting for the punchline, the moment where the perfect illusion dissolves  and we get thrown back to square one. i’m […]

June 4, 2019

Your silent cries left unheard As you trudged your way through The trenches of self, disturbed   Fighting a losing battle Against a foe only you know   Your decision was irreparable The pain inconceivable To lose a friend so irreplaceable   A friend checks in A friend is a friend So to you Whom […]

March 19, 2018

There’s an animal urgency to Chris Tse’s latest collection of poetry, He’s So MASC. Wrought of thrumming heartbeats and silken nights, his poems are songs: some of lust, some of love, all of light. He’s So MASC is angry, and justifiably so. Tse’s Chinese identity is a theme in all his poems, as he references […]

March 5, 2018

Nobody has ever said I would like to grow up to one day be a bureaucrat.   Or a sinecure; listless at a desk in the afternoon staring at immigrant landscapers   from an office window like they are flowers in a garden, wet with sweat   from guarding the marigolds against imperialist insects, moving […]

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