Quiver presents some decent relationship drama, and some very amusing moments, but ultimately it leans too heavily on its least developed features.


Set in the late ‘80s on the eve of the Chernobyl disaster, it follows a rich cast of characters of Venezuelan- and Soviet-Jewish heritage all coming to terms with the sacrifices and benefits of moving to New Zealand.


Roger Walter’s Everything is Going to be Just Fine by page and poster sounds, for lack of a better word, awful.


Having spent the last seven years as an improvisor with the Court Jesters in Christchurch, Dan Pengelly moved to Wellington this year to begin his Masters degree in Theatre Arts (Directing) at Toi Whakaari and Victoria. Recently returned, fatigued, from an international workshop in Canberra, Dan was obliging enough to let me pick his brains [...]


Those of us who ran the NCEA Drama gauntlet will probably know what theatre looks like when it is filmed. For the purposes of moderation and prosperity every cringe-inducing internal was committed, warts and all, to a dedicated DV Tape marked “Yr 12 2008 2.6 Mapaki” or something similar. Before these tapes were lost forever in the depths of Chris Carter’s personal viewing library, our ever-obliging drama teachers could be coerced into letting us students review our performance. The results, invariably, were fucking awful.


By Maxim Gorky, directed by David O’Donnell and Rachel Lenart This week, the Theatre 301 (Company) and 308 (Scenography) mount their production of Maxim Gorky’s Summerfolk. This production sets the play in a modern- day New Zealand idyll—a secluded bach surrounded by bush. Salient spoke to Jonathan Price about this new production. I notice in [...]


Written by: Dan Rebellato; Directed by: Eleanor Bishop; Circa, 16 May, 7:30pm Cast: Victoria Abbot, Nick Dunbar, Simon Leary, Heather O’Carroll and Jason Whyte  The set is composed of a series of irregularly- sized, rectangular screens of white cloth. Electric white light projects on the screens from behind. Over the speakers, electrosynth muzak beeps. We [...]


Guy Capper’s latest show presents us with his trademark blend of stand-up, animation and music. The theme this time round—“What is string theory?”—is mulled over by our host and pitched to a number of animated interviewees, but never quite solved. The routine progresses like a surreal television talk show, with Capper introducing his lineup of claymation guests [...]


Salient talks with the creators DEAR NEAL, Please note our production is called “ShitShow”, not Shit Play. I have left it up to my fellow Bouffons to answer your questions. I’m sure you will find their answers insightful and inspiring. Regards, Sir Arthur Throbsbottom  What is adaptive dramaturgy? Tits. Tits and ass. Boobs and bumholes. [...]