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Visual Arts

October 16, 2017

“Is that The Oldest Man In The Room?” asks The Young Gallery Girl at the very private opening for a very public art showcase. “I don’t know, but whoever he is he’s wearing yesterday’s clothes,” replies The Plus One. “Oh it is!” confirms The Tall Artist. “He is in the middle of a court case […]

October 9, 2017

When I talked with a musician about visual art, I should have known that the music would creep into everything, but there’s not always much to gain by keeping them so separate. I ask what his earliest memory of art is anyway. There was a really old painting that my mother had on the wall, […]

October 2, 2017

The day was already hot. In the garden behind Auckland Art Gallery the pōhutukawa trees had taken a turn for the worse. Their red needles and spotted leaves were slipping together on the ground as I stepped off the path and took a shortcut to the back entrance of the building. The grass had been […]

September 25, 2017

“Art and the occult draw powers, rituals, and symbols from one another to re-enchant the world and refine human experience,” explains the City Gallery Wellington in introduction to the exhibition Occulture: The Dark Arts. Although the gallery does not explicitly explain what the occult might be in this instance, the works offer clues: the occult […]

September 18, 2017

My father’s favourite colour is always blue. Blue of the clearest day, and of cold lips from being in the ocean too long. He cannot swim well, but he says my mother is solar powered, so we go to the beach anyway. I ask him about art on the telephone. what is your earliest memory […]

September 11, 2017

Time is ever changing and we only have one chance at first encounters and yet with the lack of time there is ample opportunity to learn from them. Most Māori understand that it is one thing to meet someone new and another to meet someone from your iwi. When meeting another of your own rohe […]

September 11, 2017

  Joseph Churchward was born in Samoa in 1932 and is from the ‘āiga Sā Anae and the villages of Faleasi’u and Tufulele. As a child he traced curves in the sand and in 1946 he came to Wellington; two years later he received an Art Distinction Award in Lettering from Wellington Technical College. He […]

August 21, 2017

Pacific Bodies is a video series of five episodes, available to watch on the Auckland Art Gallery’s various online platforms. As they put it, “Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki together with British Council New Zealand invited local artists of Pacific heritage to offer a counter-narrative to the themes of our current exhibition The Body […]

August 14, 2017

Not far into Teju Cole’s new book, Blind Spot, after Nuremberg and before Muottas Muragal, comes Auckland. A photograph of the Aotea Centre, reflected in a glass, or maybe chrome, surface spreads across one page before creeping beyond the spine into the other. The light is dappled, the landscape slightly distorted, the human presence shrouded […]