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Visual Arts

March 20, 2017

The exhibition Statuesque Anarchy opened at Enjoy Gallery on Cuba Street on March 9, marking the first time the prolific FAFSWAG, an LGBTQI+ Pacific arts collective from South Auckland, had a showing in our neck of the woods. Witch Bitch is a sub-group of FAFSWAG made up of artists Sione Monu, Pati Solomona Tyrell, and […]

March 13, 2017

Ruby Joy Eade’s skin on skin on dirt is only memory now. Exhibited as part of the Upstream Art Trail, the ten works lived in Central Park for four days and three nights. Found text in black, printed on white board, mounted by a wooden pole — the signs speak to remembered moments of teenage intimacy in public spaces.

March 3, 2017

“None of the characters are me. They’re everything but me.” — Cindy Sherman “I recognised every woman I knew in that photograph.” — Jamie Lee Curtis   Cindy Sherman is a construct. A composite image. Her (un)self-portraits reveal nothing of herself and everything about ourselves. While this is a popular theory, it inevitably raises the […]

October 8, 2016

Ruby Peak: Shannon Te Ao winning the Walters Prize Louise and I spent last Friday night huddled around our phones and ipads, anxiously refreshing twitter feeds and wine glasses, waiting to hear who would take out NZ’s biggest contemporary art prize. When Shannon won it was feverish, there were shouts and hugs, this is how […]

October 2, 2016

“I’m not out to point out bad things that happen in the world. I’m not out to say, ‘That’s a problem, we need to fix that.’” —Simon Denny “If you are going to have this platform, use it to say something, use your fucking white educated male arse to say something.” —Faith Wilson   Everywhere […]

September 25, 2016

Callum, Jesse, and Jordana are three emerging artists who run MEANWHILE, a new artist-run initiative located in the CBD on 35 Victoria Street. I first met Jordana when she came over to my flat in Aro Valley after the series of earthquakes that hit Wellington in 2013. She was friends with my flatmate Yvette and […]

September 17, 2016

Last month I visited Melbourne and I set about trying to visit every goddamn gallery within walking distance of the CBD. The result: I needed a foot massage, bought a pair of sneakers, and saw more art than I thought was possible in just over a week. I keep threatening to write more on my […]

September 11, 2016

A new phenomenon has become observable within Wellington as of late: the return of the artist-run space. Artist-run spaces take many shapes and forms, from windows to garages, to some of the starkest industrial bunkers you could find, all the way to the classic wooden floor, white walls loft. Artist-run spaces have been a pillar […]

September 4, 2016

  A few facts to begin: I cry in trailers for movies. If I haven’t watched TV in a while, adverts for insurance, milk, and phone plans get me. One time, hungover, a giant back-of-the-bus advertisement for an old peoples home reduced me to tears. I am soft. I spent a (short) time as a […]