Visual arts


The Mother of the Artist, the Bewildered Friend, the Fellow Artist, and the Freeloader.


If you’re studying at Kelburn, you have no excuse to miss this.


Both artists have produced works that respond directly to the space, in an attempt to engage the viewer in a conversation about the gallery as a structure in flux.


Last Monday, writer and former athlete Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sent me a picture of his family standing with the Obamas.


When cuts need to be made, the arts are the first to take a hit. These conditions can, however, prove a fertile breeding ground for alternative means of creating and exhibiting art.


Cotton’s current exhibition leads the viewer unsteadily through a series of meditations on biculturalism, conflict, and the role of the indigenous object in art.


You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to enjoy it—this quick guide aims to brush away its pretensions and misconceptions, and make art genuinely enjoyable.


The film-exhibition succeeds as a documentation of Manet and his art, but as a format to replace the experience of seeing paintings first-hand it does not.


Whenever the media reports on another famous painting being auctioned off for millions, it comes across as not just incomprehensible, but ridiculous. So what makes people spend their fortunes on a piece of canvas, and is any piece of art really worth it?