Visual arts


A dark cartoonist, an oil painter, an eerie filmmaker and a public performance artist—the group of nominees is generously representative and excitingly diverse.


Considering the breadth of artworks to encounter, this ‘micro museum’ is definitely worth a couple of visits.


The City Gallery is currently featuring a vibrant range of exhibits, with two collections, Moving on Asia: Towards a New Art Network and Len Lye: Kaleidoscope standing out in particular.


Desk Collection is a retrospective of Saskia Leek’s paintings currently at the Dowse in Lower Hutt. The name comes from the fact that every painting included in the exhibition could have been made at a desk; they average A4 in size. The paintings are intimate in subject as well as scale. Leek’s early paintings recall [...]


The 19th Century architect Otto Wagner wrote that “it may be accepted as proven that art and artists have always represented their epoch”. This is easy to see—art and architecture are perhaps the easiest way of visually communicating a period of time—an image of the Great Pyramids compared to an image of Beijing’s Bird’s nest [...]


21st Century Collecting claims to “[raise] provocative questions about the nature of contemporary art practice and the challenges facing those who are its custodians.” Unfortunately the Adam Art Gallery has fallen victim to its own ‘art-speak’, as the exhibition fails to propose any sufficient answers to these relevant questions, and instead draws attention to the [...]


Red Bull Collective Art is now giving Kiwi students the chance to get amongst a giant digital work of art, which utilises the creativity of people from 85 different countries to create one, continuous piece of art.  Cadavre exquís is a method by which assortments of images are collectively assembled, where participants are able to [...]


The Progressive Experimental Artists Kollectiv (PEAK), is an exhibition dedicated to works by previously institutionalised people with physical or mental difficulties. PEAK is the joint effort of Living Plus and MASH Trust, both organisations which provide support and services for those with such difficulties. The joint endeavour saw PEAK’s third showing recently at the Thistle [...]


While the idea of a whole new year of university may be daunting, keep in mind that somewhere nearby is a refreshing art gallery waiting for you to have an amble through. Here are six quick picks for those in search of an art fix. all are free to attend:   Adam art gallery Between [...]