This is a guide for Salient‘s writers to follow. It outlines the basic rules of writing that Salient adheres to, as well as explaining some finer points of grammar and common mistakes people make. Why have a style guide? For consistency. Consistency is very important. Imagine reading a magazine that used a different font, font [...]


As announced this evening. More to come once the INSANITY settles. President: Alan Young 285 Guy Williams 372 Max Hardy 807 Vice President (Education): Alan Young 559 Sam Oldham 808 Vice President (Welfare): Sam Mason 495 Seamus Brady 884 International Officer: No Confidence 380 Alice Pan 1044 Environmental Officer: No Confidence 373 Zach Dorner 1062 [...]


Kia ora, everyone. Your delicious newsprinty edition of Salient has been delayed because of a small distribution hiccup. We’ve been given an ETA of 12pm, so fingers crossed, you’ll have it in your hot sweaty hands in time for afternoon lectures. Apologies all round. The Salient Clan. Share on Facebook+1 on Google+Post to TumblrTweet this


The spectre of VSM crouching in the corner like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a curious anomaly. Should it slink its way into the walls of student associations up and down the country, those in charge will find unprecedented gluts of transformation shoehorned into an already packed work calendar. Current VUWSA [...]


Another quality production day/night commentary bought to you by those who never sleep at the Salient office. 04:43 Mood: Why am I in the Salient office so fucking late/early? Fuck knows. Music: The hum of the computers and drip of the panel heater. Completion level: 10% Peeve of the moment: no shower. no shoes. 11:38 [...]


Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Presidential candidate Alan Young revealed today that he supports Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) of students’ associations. Young, the self-proclaimed “people’s voice”, went on to say many of his supporters think VSM is a good idea and consideration should be given to it. Max Hardy, who is also running for [...]


J&J Vote ‘Nay’ Victoria University has agreed to increase fees by 5% and almost double its Student Services Levy for the 2010 academic year. The decision was made during a heated and difficult meeting of the University Council on Monday afternoon. Government funded honours and postgraduate fees will also increase by $500. Victoria’s Student Services [...]


University Council members had to duck for cover as protesters threw fruit and eggs at them at a meeting where fees and the student services levy were raised today. VUWSA president Jasmine Freemantle was hit in the head by an orange, but Chancellor Tim Beaglehole and Vice Chancellor Pat Walsh survived unscathed. Protest leader, VUWSA [...]


Last night your friendly neighborhood student magazine Salient scooped up the Fairfax New Zealand award for best student publication at the Aotearoa Student Press Association awards. The judges said Salient is chock full of good reading from start to finish. It is intelligent, irreverent and packed with attitude and personality without being up itself, with [...]