After months of largely-ignored viral marketing and subtle in-jokes, Salient is launching the Lundy 500. The event, in a similar vein to the defunct Undie 500, invites teams of vehicles to travel from Petone to Palmerston North as convicted double murderer Mark Lundy did in 2000, before murdering wife Christine and daughter Amber, according to [...]


A statement released by the VUWSA Election committee today says the mistake on the online ballots had “minimal” influence on the by-election. Almost as minimal as the number of people who turned out to vote. The committee acknowledged the mishaps reported on by Salient here and here were “not strictly in accordance with the VUWSA [...]


Here are the official results for the by-election as sent to Salient by the Returning Officer. Vice-President (Administration) 1. Max Hardy = 225 2. Monica Dunkley = 153 Women’s Rights Officer 1. Caitlin Dunham = 167 2. Tracy Miles = 155 3. Lucy Deane = 122 Activities Officer 1. Guy Williams = 185 2. Mathew [...]


The VUWSA by-election may or may not be invalid, and may or may not be called off after VUWSA fucked up the voting forms. There are two different ballot papers being offered to voters in the VUWSA by-election. The online ballot form allows you to vote No Confidence in every instance. The paper ballots, which [...]


The current VUWSA by-election may be in breach of the constitution and therefore totally invalid. A letter sent to VUWSA’s returning officer by incessant VSM pusher Peter McCaffrey points out that under Schedule 2, Point 24, B, (Page 23) the option of “no confidence” can only be used “In the event that there is only [...]


Due to a combination of my own incompetence and the Te Ao Marama issue this week, the manifestos/information about candidates in the up coming by-election was missed out. Here are the ones of that Salient received. Vice-President (administration) Monica Dunkley No manifesto supplied to Salient. Max Hardy Manifesto supplied late to Salient. Hi, I’m Max [...]


UPDATED A statement from Director Student Services Ruth Moorehouse has confirmed seven cases of swine flu in hostels, with 15 more suspected cases out of the hostel. Moorehouse stressed that the situation was being careful managed and a supply of Tamiflu has been made available to people with flu like symptoms. Salient still points out [...]


VUWSA President Jasmine Freemantle and Exec member Robert Latimer left Wednesday’s Special General Meeting with their jobs intact after motions of no confidence were unable to be tabled due to lack of quorum. An official count of 75 students was recorded at 1:20pm, with fewer numbers present at a count 10 minutes later. 100 students [...]


It’s important to mention that this is pure opinion. Despite my position as News Editor calling for something akin to “impartiality”, I flick that hat aside and invite you all to sit down by the fire whilst I tell you a tale. This Wednesday, students will be offered a rare opportunity to gather at a [...]