I came across an article this week entitled “Obama Stands Nuremberg on Its Head,” by Mike Farrell, a contributor for the progressive web magazine Truthdig. His opening paragraph: “President Obama’s decision to spare CIA torturers from prosecution stands the Nuremberg principles on their head. ‘Good Germans who were only following orders’ are not exempt from [...]


In a decision made fewer than three days out from the day itself, Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) decided to reject an invitation from the Wellington City Council to lay a wreath at this year’s ANZAC Day commemorations. The decision was borne out of a desire not to “arbitrarily” observe events for which [...]


Our intrepid editor and resident masochist, Jackson James Wood, is riding shotgun with Vic’s top athletes, and “tweeting” LIVE from this year’s University Games. Here are some choice highlights from Day 1: “Missed opening ceremony. Ah well. Bring on the games.” “Oh wowza. This isn’t going well. Sorting out accreditation still. Headed back to bell [...]


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Sometimes at Salient, we write things that annoy people. This is not uncommon. We are people too, you know. Critics do have feelings. We offer a space for the critical review of productions from the point of view of our audience: students. So here is what happens when the shit flips on Salient and we [...]


Salient is, and has been, at the cutting edge of technology for quite a while. We use state of the art CRAY super computers and top notch software like Publisher 98 to bring you the magazine every week. So it was only natural that once we got a website with a “web log” function, that [...]


This weekend I am embarking on a spiritual rally race from Wellington to the heartland of the Manawatu: The Lundy house. Palmerston North’s Karamea Cresent is famous for one reason only: Mark Lundy brutally murdered his wife and daughter there. But do the facts stack up? Does the proof, no—not only the proof—logic, rationality and [...]


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According to Sigmund Freud in his work Jokes and their relation to the unconscious (1905), humour is derived when the conscious mind “[lets] in forbidden thoughts and feelings which society suppresses”(1). Humour therefore acts as a form of tension release—the feelings that have been suppressed by society and social norms are allowed to surface in [...]