Like a filthy heroin addict I headed over to Pitchfork last night to get my fix. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Pitchfork. Their constant reviews provide a handy, and generally trustworthy, way of finding out about new music. However, as somebody who tries to write reviews myself, they have set what can at [...]


If stripping back workers’ rights, women’s rights and forcing legislation through parliament were not enough, John Key announced today that the National government is going to reinstate the antiquated Queen’s honours system. We’re not a fucking colony any more, John! We are our own nation. This move is an insult to all New Zealanders. “The [...]


If you haven’t already seen, has changed its page layout. In what is obviously a cheap imitation of the Salient site, Stuff has plunged to something even lower than web 2.0. Think 1993 on a 286, code written by hand, in binary, on a jumbo pad, by a five-year-old, in crayon. A check-list leaked [...]


Kia ora, Salientkateers. It’s yer old buddy MJO here with some news from the news desk about writing news. The news section is a living, breathing reflection of everything that rocks and rolls at Vic, in Wellington, and beyond. It’s part cheeky, part serious, and a whole lot of coming down the mountain. The news [...]


Everyone seems to have forgotten about Darfur. It was the Rwanda of the naughties (and a bit before then). Even with the small amount of press thats been generated, the international news and academic focus has all been on Iraq, Afghanistan and Christopher Hitchen’s anti-fascist punch ups. But things have still been developing in Darfur. [...]


Nothing much has changed since National took the reigns of power. John Key may have stopped Section 92A for the meantime, but I can’t send emails with light pepperings of colourful language. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Date: 2009/2/27 Subject: Profanity detected in E-Mail Message To: Cc: You have used a word in your [...]


Drunk on the rhetoric of Obama and Key, Salient has also decided to change. Change. Good ol’ change. Not change for change’s sake, mind you. But change to bring hope that the Salient site will remain the pinnacle of online (student) journalism in New Zealand. We haven’t changed anything you liked: the polls, the solid [...]


Tonight was a very special night for me. I literally popped my cherry. No, not that one. That happened about ten years ago in the damp back locks of New Plymouth; a story for another time and setting. The cherry I am talking about is the whole “production-night-as-Editor” virginity thing. There comes a time in [...]


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