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These savoury cakes are an excellent way to use up leftover mashed potato. I had a bowl of leftover mash from a dinner where it accompanied vegetable gratin, along with venison and red wine sausages (surprisingly well priced at Pak n’ Save). The basic idea is, you bind the potato with egg, a little cheese [...]


I’ve called this slice ‘Apricot Triumph’ for a number of reasons. First, the dried apricots do taste particularly flavoursome and juicy, despite being baked. Second, this recipe creates a crumbly-but-dense slice which doesn’t quite cross the cake line, therefore making one feel wholesome for making it. If you wanted to spruce this up a bit, [...]


Garlic Naan and Vegetarian Curry (serves 4 with leftover curry for lunch) I researched a number of recipes for naan, all of which used the same staple ingredients. Of course most flats don’t have a tandoor oven so it won’t be the genuine thing, but it’s still delicious. The curry is very simple to make [...]


I recently went to an exhibition, His Remembering Heart, at Toi Poneke on Abel Smith Street, by Anoushka Athique. The exhibition is comprised largely of found objects. I was quite taken by a recipe that was up on the wall for little semolina cakes. My favourite part of the recipe was the use of the [...]


VUWSA and Gecko (with the support of Facilities Management) are the proud caretakers of VUW’s latest environmental venture— a vegetable garden. Universities around the world, as well as around New Zealand, are growing productive and beautiful campus gardens. They are a project that works on many levels. They are relatively inexpensive to set up, and [...]


This recipe will serve 2-4 people. It really depends on how much meat you eat or want to use for leftovers. A packet of spaghetti however, is often more than enough for 4 people. Use less if you are serving fewer than 4. Ingredients – 3 cloves of garlic – Half a fresh chilli* – [...]


The current food crisis is no surprise to me. For years, people have been saying that we are producing enough food to feed the world, but that the distribution of all this food is inadequate. We have us, the Western countries which have excesses of food, where you see food thrown out wantonly; and famine [...]


A quick report into the future of food on campus There are a lot of things more delicious than an overpriced tepid meat pie on a cold Wednesday afternoon. One would be a hot meat pie. Another would be a reasonably priced meat pie, at any temperature. That’s a big ask. Finding a yummy morsel [...]


The largest known living organism is a specimen of the fungus Armillaria Ostoyae found in the Malheur National Forest in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. While the fungus’s edible ‘honey mushrooms’ are but small things, they spurt up from a massive network of thread-like mycelium which covers over 2,200 acres and is estimated to [...]