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Salient asked, “What has been the most important issue of the year?” The Hacks respond…


Voluntary euthanasia—the right to, in certain circumstances, opt to end one’s own life—is not legal currently in New Zealand. Labour MP Maryan Street’s End of Life Choice member’s bill seeks to change this. A recent poll conducted by the Sunday Star-Times found that 85 per cent of the 1,000 respondents favour legalisation.  Salient asked, “Do you support [...]


Salient asked, “Do you support the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?” The Hacks respond…


Salient asked: “Auckland’s Independent Maori Statutory Board has recently recommended that te reo Maori ought be compulsory in all Auckland schools. Should this policy be adopted nation-wide?” The Hacks respond…


Do you support the Electoral Commission’s recommendations?


Salient asked, “Are race-relations improving in New Zealand?” The Hacks respond…


We oppose the idea that the majority should be able to tell the minority what to do. Act on Campus supports limiting the powers of government in order to give individuals and families more choice and freedom. Asking the majority to vote away a certain group of rights seems counterproductive.


Salient asked, “John Key recently admitted that banning smoking would be ‘tremendously difficult.’ Is this the case and should government be seeking a smoke-free New Zealand?” The Hacks respond… Act on Campus – Michael Warren The Government should not make New Zealand smoke-free. People have a right to smoke and are responsible for the health [...]


Salient asked, “How did tertiary education fare in the budget?” The Hacks respond…  NZ First – Curwen Rolinson It got smashed. Hammered. Trolleyed. Woke up in a dark alley with some stitch-marks where its kidney should be. With this Budget, National have proven that they’ve got no grasp of the issues facing students today. Their changes to [...]