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We have the eighth-highest imprisonment rate in the OECD, with 8618 people currently servin’ the time for doin’ the crime. Last Saturday, none of these 8000-odd citizens of New Zealand were allowed to vote.


We’re told we’ve let the country down. We’re told we’ve let ourselves down. That we have internalised neoliberal individualism. That we’re all just bloody lazy.


It’s election year, so Salient asked New Zealand political parties for their stances on important women’s issues.


We’ve finally won our atheist state. The current Prime Minister doesn’t believe in God; the one before him didn’t either.


Why should tauira Māori vote for your party?


Last week it was revealed that the National Party raises funds by allowing its members to pay to get face-time with Cabinet Ministers. Despite the Labour Party running a similar racket during their most recent conference, the opposition have said that the clubs stink of corruption.


Salient asks MP’s if they support changes to drug law in New Zealand.


If you don’t fit the cliché, politics is not for you.


Some ideas only minor-party politics can spawn.