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It would appear from my graduation ceremony last week that Victoria University highly values a liberal arts education. The graduation speaker congratulated us on choosing to study the arts as they are the backbone of any critical and creative thinking. Share on Facebook+1 on Google+Post to TumblrTweet this


Last Tuesday women everywhere stopped dieting for a day. Why? Because in 1992, British feminist Mary Evans Young decided to stand up and fight the fact that more than half of women in Western countries have anorexia and other eating disorders. She came up with the concept of No Diet Day, an annual celebration of [...]


Dear readers, You could be forgiven for thinking the Women’s Column for this week has sprouted a pair of testicles; such is its subject matter. But let me assure you, this issue really does need to be discussed. I generally require a certain amount of exposure to rage-engendering things to get me through the day, [...]


I want Hilary Clinton to be President. Or at least the Democratic Candidate. Why? Because she’s awesome. Even before Bill Clinton came along she was turning heads. She was a lawyer, the first female partner at her law firm in 1979, and the first female New York senator. As First Lady, she achieved many great [...]


Harmless fun or sexual harassment? It’s a phenomenon that every woman experiences at some point in her life. You’re walking down the street, you hear a whistle, or a truck driver makes a drive-by comment. Maybe you ignore it and go on walking. Maybe you feel diminished and embarrassed. Maybe you turn around and say [...]


RIP Katherine Rich MP. Damn you for going quietly. Motherhood reeks of the inexplicable. There’s an aura of ‘something else’ which transcends the bloody, biological act of giving birth, and pregnancy has acquired a mysticism which binds mother and baby together in a blanket of unconditional love and expected maternal sacrifice. Share on Facebook+1 on [...]


Welcome to the Women’s Column for 2008. I’m proud to say I’m a feminist. In my eyes being a feminist means acknowledging that women have historically been oppressed and that although things are better today (in the Western world), they are far from perfect. I guess I’m also really interested in how “gender” and “sexuality” [...]


Hi everyone! The end of the University year is upon us. Congratulations to you if you have time to even read Salient, having completed all relevant assignments and being all studied up for tests and exams. I truly envy you! Another big congratulations to Georgie Dickson, 2008 Elected Women’s Rights Officer. Share on Facebook+1 on [...]


A big thank you to all that helped out and attended Women’s Fest events. The week was a successful celebration, despite everyone’s uni requirements! I had a great week and am especially thankful for the Stencilling workshop which has provided my flat with some fantastic artwork. A big shout out to all of our performers: [...]