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The YouTube War

In the last fortnight the Pentagon has banned all of its soldiers serving overseas from using popular video sharing and social networking web sites, claiming that they are a security risk. In today’s society borders that were once geographical are now electronic and in a political manner reeking of fascism the Pentagon once again tries to control its public image. Undoubtedly it’s going to make them look better, so we thought we would remind you of some of the most poignant moments of the conflict in Iraq as uploaded to Youtube. So in no particular order here are the top 10 videos from what has been termed the Youtube War:

Iraq bombing
“Oh dude…” a US jet drops a bomb on a crowd of people or are they goats? asks one text comment.

Iraqi Resistance – Some more road side bomb action
Complete with the usual Jihad music some roadside bombs blow up more crusaders. Poorly edited, this is the usual rough and authentic propaganda from the other side of the Iraq war.

Security operatives filming themself shooting at civilians.
Grand Theft Auto Baghdad as British mercenaries film themselves driving around and shooting at civilians with Elvis music added for effect.

US Soldier wastes injured Iraqi – War Crime in Iraq
This video caused a lot of controversy when it first came to light, after capturing a building a soldier shoots an enemy combatant, who should have been taken prisoner, in the head as he lay dying.

Saddam being Hanged
Eerily familiar to when the Ceausescus got executed live on Romanian TV back in 1989, this is the actual execution footage shot on a cell phone that was leaked to the media soon after.

Witness to a war crime – US Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Civilians
Some civilian cars unfortunately wander into a fire fight and the American forces take them out and enjoy the experience. “I shot that dude in the white car right in the fucking head.”

USA Crimes: The crusaders bomb a mosque in Iraq
A redneck hick cheers as a mosque is bombed in yet another video that had the Jihadists buzzing like bees for weeks afterwards.

Iraqi Kid Runs For Water
Showing an imperialist attitude some soldiers entice a kid to run Forest Gump style after their truck by holding out a bottle of water.

British soldiers beating some kids
This controversial video shows British soldiers just doing what they used to get up to in places like India years ago by giving some young lads from Basra a good spanking. The camera operator really gets off in a sexually sadistic manner “Oh yes, yes! Naughty little boys!”

Iraq Bombing
This video shows the Heads Up Display of a combat helicopter as it scopes out and strafes a bunch of insurgents. They may be coldly calculated and professional killing machines now but years from now I expect these soldiers will be having a lot of nightmares.

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