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February 25, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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A dirty commie wearing a suit?

In a world where communist leaders have often dressed in army fatigues and or had ridiculous hair, facial or otherwise, emerges a new communist: Demetris Christofias.Christofias has been leader of the Progressive Party of the Working People (Ανορθωτικό Κόμμα Εργαζόμενου Λαού, or AKEL) since 1989. He was educated in Soviet Russia, involved in Cyprian politics from an early age. He has just ended up with 53.37% of the vote for the position of President in Cyprus.

However he is a communist with a difference. He’s not going to tamper with the free market economy of Cyprus, he owns businesses, he even wears a suit. He has said he will pay more attention to the welfare of ordinary people, but his election campaign hinged on the reunification of Cyprus.

There is a an eerie glow of capitalism coming from all the avowed communist countries these days. China was the first to start it with the reforms under Deng Xiao Ping. Raul Castro, dubbed the pragmatist by some, has become President in Cuba. Vietnam is increasingly whoring itself out to many an international consortium. Does all this signal more change is yet to come for international communism?

Is this the last dying gasp from communism? The number of states that are guided by the principles of Marx and Lenin are slowly dwindling, and it can quite easily be argued that none of the five remaining communist states are anything but market driven economies. I would hate to think so. The world needs communism. Communists are the grist that keeps the international relations mill running. They are the bread of the people.

Communism needs to become respectable again (for once?). Hopefully Demetris will be able to reupholster the old settee set that is communism, and use his power to remodel the whole lounge into something that ceases to resemble the orange and brown corduroy and suede of the Socialist lounge suite.

Gone are the good old days when Salient headlines used to prominently feature news of China, Russia and the NZ Communist party. When VUWSA would donate money to the Viet Cong to buy tanks. Now the communists on campus are reviled, unhygienic critters cast asunder from their once glorious place in the university spot light.

Is this all that we can expect of the communists we see today? That in ten years time they will sell out to the man? Maybe Sven and Lance could offer their services to Joel Cosgrove for his capitalist make over.


“…I am going to unify this mother fucker.”*

*this may or may not be an accurate quote.

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