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September 3, 2009 | by  | in Online Only |
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Production night bites

Wow. 18 issues down. Six—including this one—to go.


Mood: Flamboyantly ambivalent (it is Gaylient next week)
Music: None. It stopped. Put some more on Rory… oh there it goes. It’s that time. Cue Lonely Island.
Completion level: 60% (quite good for this time of night)
Peeve of the moment: Wu sitting in the corner not serenading me, bitch.


Mood: Transfixed on subbing—high on red ink
Music: Sex with Bowie
Completion level: 61% (Stalled. Fucking subbing).
Peeve of the moment: Stomach ache from too much coke.

20:24… Now with pictures

Mood: Av
Music: Sex With Bowie
Completion level: 62%
Peeve of the moment: Only minimal amounts of Red Bull left.

Cunts in an office

Nina and Mikey doing work having a cry.

Red Bull: it gives us wings.


Mood: Flat. Flat white. Red Bull. Vooooon
Music: Dr Dre—The Chronic 2001
Completion level: 69% [Explict images here. Takes a while to load because of large file size]
Peeve of the moment: Not too peeved at anything much right now.


Mood: We’re fuckin’ chuggaluggin’
Music: Arrested Development… it’s not quite music.
Completion level: 70%
Peeve of the moment: Arrested Development. It is a boon and a curse.


Mood: Starting to not give a fuck
Music: Arrested Development—Love George Michael
Completion level: 71%
Peeve of the moment: Subbing takes too long


MJO checking in.

Mood: Wondering if there will ever be a boy born who can out-swim a shark.
Music: Myykillll Bluth.
Completion level: I’ve long since abandoned interest in this magazine. Go Issue 47.
Peeve of the moment: “AWW C’MON.”

There’s an awful lot of love going on here at the moment. JJW is subbing and has a question for Mikey “Milhouse” Langdon. Oh, no, he doesn’t. Well.


MJO again.

Mood: /|\ check it out, it’s a fucking tent
Music: Guitar tuning in Drop D by R. Harnden, musician, designer.
Completion: 84.34%
Pet Peeve: “Aww… double spacing.” “I can see what you mean by that thing, Mikey.” “My life is a never-ending barrage of misery piled upon misery. When will God take something off the pile and let me lie?!”

(Only two of those quotes were true.)


JJW back from the wilderness.

Mood: Like I’m on a Robotussin trip.
Music: mc chris—Life’s a bitch and I’m her pimp “My backpack’s got jets / I’m Boba the Fett”
Completion: -483% Mikey ‘Milhouse’ Langdon accidentally deleted EVERYTHING.
Pet Peeve: Ellipses… use them sparingly please, or MJO will wastify yo’ face.


Mood: It started hailing!
Music: mc chris—mc chris is dead “I need ON* to find the clit”
Completion: 90% The last 10% is the hardest
Pet peeve: I didn’t bring a fucking jacket BLARGH BLACK ZOMBIE VOMIT ALL OVER YOU.
Watch for more updates as the night goes along



Completion: 99.5%
Pet Peeve: “Jekyll Jekyll Hide Jekyll Hide Hide Jekyll”


Mood: 17
Music: NONE. We turned it off
Completion: 100—uploaded
Pet Peeve: Needing to urinate when you’re half way home

Night ALL! Look out for Gaylient on Monday

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Comments (12)

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  1. bananarama says:

    worst ever. nudity needed

  2. Wu says:

    Wu no bitch.

  3. Jackson Wood says:

    Nudity comes later.

  4. Mikey says:

    Subbing done: 6.25%

  5. Guy Armstrong says:

    I’m at teh library. Hello Gaylient, u and eye r 1

  6. bananarama says:


  7. Guy Armstrong says:

    I thought coke gave you a nose ache

  8. Hank Scorpio says:


  9. Jackson Wood says:

    Some of us don’t have exciting jobs like you, bananarama.

    Guy: I’ve been practising for my next career as a drug mule. The condom must’ve burst…

  10. Hank Scorpio says:

    prob a good thing you never hire ppl like bananarama jjw he’d be so bored snoozing on the job 24/7

  11. Guy Armstrong says:

    JJW: That’s brutal. Hope it was a flavoured conny.

    Bananarama: BOO!

  12. Phoenix says:

    Jekyll Jekyll Hide … What the fuck is Arthur anyway??

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