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New Zealand mothers in the top 10

Australia beats us. Again.

New Zealand is still one of the best places in the world to be a mother, or at least in the top 10.

Save the Children’s annual Mother’s Day Report finds an average Kiwi woman will have 20 years of formal education and live to age 82, with almost all having health professionals present when they give birth.

Every year, 50 million women in the developing world give birth with no professional help and 8.8 million children and newborns die from easily preventable or treatable causes.

The report compares the health and wellbeing of mothers and children in 160 countries and places Australia and four Nordic countries ahead of us on key measures such as maternal deaths in childbirth.

The rankings are based on a weighted average of children’s wellbeing and women’s status in health, education, income and politics.

In Afghanistan, on the bottom of the list, a typical woman will have only four years of formal schooling and die by age 44, and only one in seven has a health professional present in childbirth.

New Zealand’s overall ranking is affected by a high death rate of six out of every 1000 children before the age of five—the same as in Australia but higher than the death rates of three or four in 1000 in Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.

Our maternal death rate of 17 women for every 100,000 giving birth is quoted in the report as more than twice Australia’s rate of 7.5 and higher than in all but 11 out of 43 developed countries.

The report focuses on the critical shortage of health workers in the developing world and the need for more female health workers to save the lives of mothers, newborn babies and young children.

It is published to highlight both the problems and the solutions. The report includes details of effective methods to bring assistance to mothers and their babies, specifically in developing countries, and calls for world leaders to invest in these solutions.

The is the 11th Save the Children State of the World’s Mothers report, published to commemorate Mother’s Day.

TOP 10

1. Norway
2. Australia
3. Iceland (equal)
3. Sweden (equal)
5. Denmark
6. New Zealand
7. Finland
8. Netherlands
9. Belgium (equal)
9. Germany (equal)

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