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September 6, 2010 | by  | in News |
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Winston Attempts to Win Hearts at Victoria

Making yet another political comeback, granny charmer Winston Peters spoke to an audience of about 70 students—at least 50 years the junior of most New Zealand First supporters—at Victoria University before the mid-semester break.

Crushed into the smallest and least-glamourous meeting room in the Student Union Building, the New Zealand First leader took questions from the floor about a range of topics, as diverse as Wellington’s late trains, mining, universal student allowances and pig farming.

Peters’ appearance at Vic attracted mainstream media attention with TV3 star John Campbell and 3News political editor Duncan Garner present. 3News reported after the event that Peters is intending to stand in John Key’s seat of Helensville in the 2011 election.

Peters was berated throughout his 50-minute stand-up performance by Act on Campus President Peter McCaffrey. McCaffrey was accompanied by a large white sign that simply said “no”. The sign was reminiscent of Peters’ own “no” sign which he waved around at a press conference in 2008 in the midst of the scandal regarding political donations. Peters refused to autograph McCaffrey’s sign.

Ousted in the 2008 election, after Peters failed to win his Tauranga seat and the party failed to make the five per cent threshold necessary for representation in Parliament, Peters has been lurking in the political shadows—until now.

Peters’ visit was hosted by New Zealand First on Campus. At the meeting’s conclusion Peters encouraged those buoyed by his sentiments to consider joining the party.

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Editor for 2010, politics nerd, panda fan and three-time award-winning student journalist.

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  1. Huria says:

    Whaqt a pathetic article. Granny charmer indeed. If you had actually been there you would have seen the way he brilliantly handled McCaffry a very poor apologist for the yellow party. And as for promulgating the rumour (untrue) about Helensville – give the man more credit for political nous, which you Sarah plainly have not got. Why don’t you find out what the NZF policy is on Uni students and publish that – at least that would be informative.

  2. smackdown says:


  3. Miller says:

    Granny Huria what are you doing on my computer

  4. shitkicker says:

    I thought the yellow party was what Rarah and Wu do on Thursday nights in the Salient office? Yellow in ya face!

  5. Huria says:

    For supposedly intelligent Uni students, I would have expected more considered and contributary comments. Watza matter with yoozz?

  6. Cassie Fry says:

    Watza matter yooz, why ya lookin’ so sad, itza not so bad, itza nice-a place… Shadd-uppa (and yellow in) your face!

  7. smackdown says:

    huria is hurious

  8. smackdown says:

    Huria’s Google alert for “New Zealand First” nets results for first time in three years

    Huria: huh what’s that beeping sound

    she rushes to the computer

    Huria: could it be… no… no it can’t

    she looks at her wrist. the NZ first logo burns brightly

    Huria: he has risen… the dark lord has risen\


  9. Meow says:

    smackdown: quicker than a nimbus 2000.

  10. smackdown says:

    act yellow and nz first black can co-exist in perfect harmony look at this evidence

  11. Adam says:

    Just so Huria doesn’t feel let down –

    1. Granny Charmer is just an irreverent little aside about the way Winston Peters seems to talk to, and win over, the Grey Power set quite easily. Are you saying he doesn’t do this, Huria? Or are you just suggesting that Winston should be treated with utmost respect, like the way he treats everyone who disagrees with him?

    2. Whatever your view on Milkshakes, the article doesn’t side with either him or Peters. It reports what happened. It’s not an op-ed piece.

    3. It’s not Salient’s job to publish NZ First’s tertiary education policies. It’s NZ First’s job to do that.

  12. Huria says:

    First sensible comment Adam – well writ.
    Look at this link:
    Sarah might have alluded to the policy espoused in the meeting, instead of penning generalities.
    Yep – the Man is a “Granny Charmer”, agree, but the oldies can still lift a pen and vote – smile – don’t discount it.
    But he is a Uni Student Charmer too……??

  13. Hank Scorpio says:

    “Yep – the Man is a “Granny Charmer”, agree, but the oldies can still lift a pen and vote – smile – don’t discount it.”

    You make retired+ voters sound positively machiavellian. Smile when the Oldpocalypse heads to the polls, heh heh heh

    “Sarah might have alluded to the policy espoused in the meeting, instead of penning generalities.”

    To be fair, it’s hard to drum up interest in the government’s teritary education policy, let alone that of a one-man band that isn’t even in parliament.

    The story’s angle was quite clearly about Peters, and rightfully so.

  14. Hank Scorpio says:

    And smackdown is an institution around here. He had an issue dedicated to him. Better respect.

  15. Huria says:

    Kisses Hank

    Ah Ha yes. But when its part of a supply and confidence agreement then its possible if it is a priority. Just make sure youz lobby enough to make it important enough to negotiate.
    And yes, NZF will be a contender in the next election. It will be the ONLY party to ‘come back’ -just u wait and see!

  16. Hank Scorpio says:

    “But when its part of a supply and confidence agreement then its possible if it is a priority.”

    Yes, and it got a cursory nod in the report, which is all it really deserves at this point.

  17. shitkicker says:

    skews me but i’m sensible and intelligent i vote for peter dunne coz hes sensible too despite his party hair

  18. Cupie Hoodwink says:

    NZF, failing to register policy goals in Salient news story, sends party member online under pseudonym ‘Huria’ to do her Master’s bidding.

  19. Josh says:

    I’m curious to know what happened to that 30 minute interview Sarah supposedly did with Peters. Why did Salient even waste the time when (evidently) nothing valuable came of it?

  20. Hank Scorpio says:

    Yes, Josh, let’s hunker down and have a real good natter, a really good ‘ol fashioned chin wag — let’s get to the real bottom of this vitally-important issue.

  21. smackdown says:

    the truth is out there josh mulder

  22. Josh says:

    It’s not an unreasonable question. Is it of vital importance? Not really. But I don’t think this discussion was ever of any importance to anyone to begin with.

  23. Sarah Robson says:

    Josh—the interview with Winston is being printed in an upcoming issue. If you have any problems, contact me directly.

  24. Hank Scorpio says:

    No, you’re quite right, it’s not unreasonable. It’s perfectly acceptable, and deserves a proper answer.

    Unfortunately, I’m not privy to the inner-workings at Salient (I imagine they all get along swimmingly — Josh’s, Rarah’s, Wu’s, Eeans, Eunts, Paul Comrie-Parker-Bowls XI of Windsor — friends, one and all). So, my answer is about as informed as, well, smackdown’s. But I’ll give it a whack.

    Student magazines are usually slightly short on material in the first issue of a new term. Slapped together during the second week of the holidays when no one’s around, they often call upon paid staff to dig a little deeper than usual to produce copy.

    So, with that in mind, it’s hard to believe that if Sarah had access to a 30 minute interview with Winston Peters — Sarah, a Qantas Award winning journalist before she even entered mainstream media — wouldn’t have published it. If nothing, just to fill up space.

    What’s more likely is that the interview didn’t take place, through not fault of Sarah’s or Salient’s. People bail on interviews all the time, which is an unfortunate fact for small-fry publications like Salient. Maybe Winnie ran out of time? Maybe spent more time dishing with John Campbell or Duncan Garner?

    So, no, I reject your idea that Salient had access to 30 minutes of Winston Peters hilarity, and just flat-out refused to publish it. Don’t make much sense, Josh. Nice troll though.

  25. Hank Scorpio says:

    … or, of course, they could be keeping their powder dry for an upcoming issue.

    THIS is why people oughta refresh.

    The shame…

  26. shitkicker says:

    hank scorpiio is my mum

  27. smackdown says:

    paul comedy thompson

  28. Huria says:

    Good one Sarah.
    Here’s hoping that Josh can keep an open mind like a uni education is suposed to be all about.

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