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May 30, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Eye on Exec 23/05/11

The VUWSA exec were in high spirits at their tenth general meeting last week. In particular, Vice-President (Administration) Daniel Wilson and Activities Officer Campbell Herbert appeared to be engaged in a competition “to see who could piss the furtherest” [sic], as one exec member was later heard to comment.

The meeting began with the usual formalities. President Seamus moved to accept Clubs Officer Jeremy Peters’ absence and Vice-President (Welfare) Asher Emanuel’s lateness. Wilson requested an explanation for both but was dismissed as a pedant.

We then moved onto the perusal of work reports. A number of exec members, including Wilson, Emanuel and Environment Officer Haley Mortimer, have failed to make up their deficit of hours. Vice-President (Education) Bridie Hood resolved to collate the number of hours owed by each exec member after the meeting.

Herbert updated the exec on his pet initiative ‘T-Bone Tuesday’, which is scheduled for Re-Orientation next trimester. As far as I could glean, this is a somewhat vitriolic response to ‘Meat-Free Mondays’, an event that I have never heard of but am told is hosted on campus each week. President Seamus referred to a group such as Auckland University’s Meat Club, which is hosting a BBQ of emu in the near future, as “something to strive for”.

“Maybe we could look at importing kangaroo and alligator or something,” agreed Herbert with enthusiasm.
Reader, I couldn’t make this up.

President Seamus then asked International Students’ Officer Yuan Guo on a project he is involved in that appears to be of questionable relevance to Victoria University students. The nature of this undertaking seemed unclear to all other members of the exec, and after a laborious explanation failed to clear matters up, the two resolved to discuss it at a later date.

Wilson managed to raise a laugh when he pointed out that Mortimer had identified meeting with Peters “to discuss hook-up” as her objective for the coming fortnight. Other than that, work reports were accepted without comment.
Wilson then reported on a Sports Council meeting that was held two weeks ago. He put forward that 13 clubs, including DebSoc, be affiliated to VUWSA for 2011, which the exec accepted unanimously.

He then recommended that over $10,000 in total be granted to nine clubs to assist with expenses. This included a grant of $1,700 to the VUW Badminton Club to cover the cost of new shuttlecocks, which even Wilson conceded seemed a ridiculous amount.

“It was explained to us that you can apparently only use them once,” he explained.
The motion was passed without opposition.

Wilson then moved that a total of $1,900 be granted to five sportspeople to assist with expenses relating to attendance at an ultimate frisbee test match and a rowing test series, both held in Australia. This was also accepted by the exec.
The exec then moved into Committee for 12 minutes from 5.54pm to discuss “confidential and commercially sensitive matters” that I am not allowed to report on. During this period, I took an amusing photo of myself on Photobooth that made it look like I was on a roller-coaster, prompting a barbed comment from Wilson about the activities of “the fourth estate”.

Emanuel and Welfare Officer Ta’ase Vaoga then talked about their plans for ‘stress-free study week breakfasts’, which are scheduled to begin in early June. Vaoga referred repeatedly to a ‘doodle’, which stumped this reporter. Goodbye, ‘soft copy’: VUWSA’s got a new buzzword.

Both Hood and Education Officer Jennifer Fellows expressed concern that not enough exec members had come forward to volunteer with administering said breakfasts. Hood said students could not be trusted to serve themselves because “they can get very messy”.

At Wilson’s request, VUWSA discussed the Budget announcement. Herbert questioned the point of this but President Seamus said one of the association’s eight goals was to promote discussion on issues concerning students as citizens, to which Herbert waspishly retorted: “Do you realise the seventh one is efficiency?”

Wilson said that he was “generally in favour” of the Budget announcement, and expressed a desire to pass a motion to this effect. When this was met with negative reactions that ranged from irritation (“we’re not supposed to be giving our personal view on the Budget”) to open hostility (“let’s not politicise this, Daniel”), he withdrew his request, stating that he’d felt a “vibe”.

The meeting was closed at 6.18pm. At under an hour long, this was one of the shortest I’d ever attended, but it was not without its points of interest. It might be burn-out from the end of a long trimester, it might be the stress of approaching exams, but cracks are beginning to show in the VUWSA exec. Watch this space.

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Elle started out at Salient reviewing music. In 2010, she wrote features and Animal of The Week, which an informal poll revealed to be 40% of Victoria students' favourite part of the magazine. Alongside Uther Dean, she was co-editor for 2011. In 2012, she is chief features writer.

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