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September 25, 2011 | by  | in Features |
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Blame the Jews

At Victoria University today, one of the consequences of pandering to the bigotry of left-wing cognitive dissonance is the rise of anti-Semitism. The whole world knows there could have been a peaceful settlement many times in the Middle East but for the incompetent and corrupt Palestinian leadership which now, in Gaza, is the terrorist faction Hamas. If you support Hamas, then you support people who want to exterminate Jews, not for being Israelis, but for being Jews. You also support a culture of education where martyrdom in the form of killing Jews is the greatest goal to which a citizen can aspire. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

The problem with this “nationalist” Palestinian movement is the complete lack of people interested in actually running a nation, let alone capable of doing so. It seems that only Israel draws intellectual criticism about its very existence. This is a fair call if you look at its positioning and the mental state of its neighbours.

It comes as no surprise that the same pompous hypocrites who delegitimise Israel are silent on far bloodier state establishments that involved larger displacements of people like, say, Pakistan. [You know, that politically fragile, Islamic state that has nuclear weapons..? Whoopee.] There is never any mention of the 10,000 Palestinians killed by Jordan who seized most of the land, have stripped refugees of their citizenship and continue to ban ownership of property sixty years on. The mass killings and human rights abuses in Syria, Sudan and Egypt are considered irrelevant, probably because Jews cannot be found to be at fault—although they could always find a way.

The social justice brigade (in the sickly form of Students for Justice in Palestine etc) is quick to join in on the self-righteousness, without even thinking that their twisted definition of the word ‘justice’ equates to the destruction of Israel. Usually when somebody hears the words peace or compromise they think happy things like harmony and understanding, but in this context it means an imposed solution. This “solution” means one side wins and the other loses because one side is “right” and the other is “wrong”. There is absolutely no thought given to the fact that both sides may have valid claims.

This bullshit concept of justice leads these middle class left wing pricks to believe, somehow, that Palestinian Arabs have the only historic claim to the area and that the Jews are solely responsible for all Palestinian suffering. This is despite the 750,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza alone in 2009 from Israel. These same people protect the right to Palestinian terrorism or “armed resistance” (y’know, that military aid Palestine’s sending Israel, in the form of 6500 rockets).

If the Students of Palestine really believed in justice, they would demand billions of dollars from Arab states for the displacement of the hundreds of thousands of Jews and support them living in their rightful home. They would demand that the US stop funding the Palestinian Authority, who celebrate terrorists and pay salaries to murderers in prison.
If Hamas and the PA really wanted to take care of their people, they would save money on explosives and buy their hungry children some food. A great idea, I believe, given 70 per cent of their economy is foreign aid.

It is no coincidence that the Palestinian authority has just appointed the celebrity mother of seven terrorists to launch their UN campaign for statehood. You have to be totally immune to irony to be a Lefty these days.

(And no, I am not Jewish)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    The side swipes at such amorphous groups as ‘middle class left wing pricks and ‘the social justice brigade’ peppered throughout this article really bring down its credibility.

  2. BFG says:

    This is appalling. The argument is bad, but the way it is put across is just appalling. Not least for the reasons given my Stephanie.

  3. Adam Osborne-Smith says:

    Hello, “middle class left wing prick” here. I would just like to say we are “proud of ourselves” and we don’t need to hide behind a pseudonym to stand up for what we believe in. The absurd accusations of racism on our part are clearly delluded – I can’t see how fighting against children being tortured makes me “anti-sematic” (see: .

    I’d condemn any state carrying out that kind of action; as I’m sure any decent human being would.

  4. The Hawk of Cowardly Anonymity says:

    Thirded Stephanie; This has to be one of the most unsubstantiated and poorly written pieces that has ever graced the pages of salient.
    And I’m super stoked we are closer to identifying the ethnic/religious identity of the author than their real name. Racial-religious referents are sooooo much more important when justifying opinion than having the balls to fucking own it.

  5. Your Name says:

    this is the poorest excuse for an opinion piece. please Salient. a little more selectivity next time

  6. Alpha says:

    I agree with it. At least someone sees the sense in, and potential of, saying that ‘both sides’ have sone of the blame for what is occurring. This is exactly what I think when I see that someone has scribbled “Zionist propaganda” on a pro-Israeli poster.

    Both sides have blood on their hands. We need to get on with washing it off. That won’t happen unless we share the soap.

  7. Alpha says:

    (And no I am not conservative.)

  8. The Hawk of Cowardly Anonymity says:

    Alpha, i cant see one example of this ‘both sides’ taking responsibility rhetoric anywhere? Care to show me a single example? The opening paragraph and everything that follows puts the blame squarely and solely on the failings of one side alone, abdicating the other of responsibility in the process. That sides stuff is crap anyway, of course there are sides, but above ‘team Palestine’ and ‘team Israel’, people should be able to make moral judgments about right and wrong which supersede it..

  9. Alpha says:

    They should but they don’t. I see this opinion as necessarily weighted toward the Israelis because one would assume from walking around campus that the Palestinians are guilt free.

    It’s a counterweight, and a sigh of relief from the polarising.

    And because you want me to actually point something out (I prefer to assume you can read): “This “solution” means one side wins and the other loses because one side is “right” and the other is “wrong”. There is absolutely no thought given to the fact that both sides may have valid claims.”

  10. The Hawk of Liberty says:

    Alpha – thank you for understanding the piece as it was written. And yes it was written in its manner due to a 600 word limit and as you point out it is counter weight. I could have made it far more inflammatory if i so desired.

    Adam Osborne Smith – The Palestinian Authorities mandate is to “Run the Jews into the sea”, does this make you critical of this group carrying out this kind of action? A simple google search will wield you a highly disproportionate number of attacks against Jews than those some in the Israeli military may have committed. If I sourced you a thousand horrible stories by Palestinians would find it impossible to condone? where is your stern voice on the atrocities in Sudan? Syria? Egypt? Where is the solidarity for them…? Where is the “Students for Syria / Egypt / Sudan”. Silence as usual. I’m just revealing a horrific double standard

    No, I did not need to leave the left wing slanders in there and did consider removing them – most people in these groups belong to the appropriate groups that hate on Israel etc, however not all left wingers share the view of ignorance.

    I cannot help but notice the inability of anyone here to actually challenge the material in the article – probably because it can only be repudiated by ignorance, oh and I could have written so much more. I only see the typical slander of the writer. I do not claim for Israel to be innocent, but can’t help but notice that Israel is never referred to as a small state under exterminatory attack by its mentally ill neighbors, but as a regional bully, harassing poor and innocent Palestinians etc. I object to this view.

    “Hawk of cowardly anonymity” – This hawk comes with the blessing of the Eagle of Liberty all the way from Critic in Dunedin. Get used to it.

    Your Name – Free country, free speech – get used to it. Don’t use yours to silence those of others either, that is often the next step with you lot when there is material you don’t want to hear. I forgot Salient is a left wing, socialist magazine that all students regardless of political persuasion pay for and are clearly entitled to write an opinion piece based on whether they agree with you. Prick.

  11. Falcon of Freedom says:

    A fantastic piece. I do find it quite interesting that nobody has bothered to actually challenge my brother, the Hawk of Liberty on the issues he raises in his article. Just a bunch of slander against the fact that he holds the view that Israel has the right to exist. Long may he sit on his lofty perch, looking out for and exposing the hypocrisy of fools like the Students for Justice in Palesine, who want nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

  12. Hawk of Liberty says:

    LOL! a falcon too!! My brother, let us link wings! and join in solidarity for liberty!

  13. The Eagle of Liberty says:

    It is wonderful to see my winged brethren spreading liberty so successfully up in the socialist bastion of Wellington. The socialists’ blatant bias towards Palestine is both bizarre and dangerous. Thank goodness for the Hawk of Liberty providing a much needed dose of truth.

  14. Adam Osborne-Stmih says:

    My dearest feathered imbeciles, I did try to stay away from the ad hominems but this is going to be just too much fun. How you could call an ill-informed, slanderous, naive, fanatically biased article like the one before us a “counter balance” to allegedly rampant Palestinian “propoganda”; is completly beyond me. Students for Palestine have not been working uncontested – one group in favour of Israel has also been putting across their view.

    Alright, lets address some issues. Firstly, why Israel? I like it how you actually class Israel in the same league as “Sudan, Syria and Egypt”; I would’ve done the same – homicidial regimes do belong it the same basket. Just because other nations carry out horrific acts doesn’t mean Israel can’t be condemned. This is an absurd argument – it’s just like me saying “I shouldn’t be prosecuted for carrying out a crime, because other criminals are doing it as well”. The fact Israel masquerades as some peace loving democratic paradise inclines us to challenge it, not a hatred for the people living there.

    Secondly, this article attempts (very poorly) to summarise our views and then knock them down. If you could remove your feathered heads from their respective arse’s then you’d see how unconvincing this really is. I don’t back Hamas, I don’t support rocket attacks and I wouldn’t equate “justice” as being the complete destruction of Israel.

    I do however, condemn systematic settlement of Palestinian land – which has made them the largest group of displaced people in the world and counting. I condemn the atrocities of the Israeli secret service and flattening of the Gaza strip. Palestine isn’t perfect, no state is – but it has the right to exist as it has done before for centuries. The state of Israel has committed atrocities far beyond that of Palestine – it is also a powerful nation which is in the position to end this bloodshed if it adopted a different line of policy.

    Actually, the pseudonyms have kind of grown on me – a conversation with real birds would probably yield more insight. Perhaps if both of you would stop being the sorry little individuals you clearly are, one day we may be able to have a proper conversation on this and stick to the issues. As it stands this article has certainly evoked the contempt it deserves. I’ve read more convincing arguments on toilet walls, which would probably be beyond this articles reach.

  15. 'bv says:

    Has anyone considered that if Palestine is given state hood there would instantly be war with Israel? This isnt a very good idea given that Israel is the in the top 5 nuclear powers in the world. Thanks to the Zionist sympathizers in the tax farm we call the United States of America.

  16. Bv says:

    So it seems like hitlers dreaming of removing jews from germany and dumping them some place else has has worked. many thanks to the US and UN, there jews have their own pice of land, surrounded by more people they hate than they did in german. I would feel a significant down grade moving from munich to hamburg the blood soaked streets of jureselum. But hey, it says its thier land in the bible why not give it to them? If car bombings and street violence are what they enjoy, let them have it.

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