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October 2, 2011 | by  | in News |
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Is Politics really a perfect game?

When I was a child I saw politics as something that was confined to the government chambers.

I now hear the term politics used on a daily basis in reference to rules and regulations and the games people play. What does this mean ‘the games people play’ and why does it cause so much frustration? One complaint that arises is people cannot do what they really want. Wherever they turn they find themselves jumping through hoops. Yes, there are rules and regulations, but it seems as though some people use these against the intended purpose by serving their own personal enjoyment.

I say personal enjoyment because it seems as though some people get a kick out of standing on top of others. They allow themselves to get into an argument only to show off their knowledge on a certain subject. It seems as though they think every person is out to get them. But do they really believe everybody is against them? This is where I think the root of the problem exists. These types of people are so absorbed by their own greatness they see the world through their own eyes, or as if they were looking through a mirror. It does not mean these people are bad, though some may be; it just stands as a fact that they most probably can’t see that they are trapped in a vicious circle.

What is the purpose of living a life defending yourself from people that are not against you? It is a fact that most of these people are not after what you have, it’s just they are seek help. Instead you give them the runaround or tell them what they already know; their desired answer. What is it are you trying to protect? Maybe you studied the system, learnt the right things to say and do, but never developed the character that was required of you. When you play a game, you play to win; this is where one’s character is tested. But what is the competition and what is your motivation? Every game has rules and these rules are in place to allow for a fair contest.

Politics exists for the people as a collective; not to serve an individual agenda. So therefore the rules are put in place so everyone may have an equal opportunity. They are not created to serve only the strong but they allow for the weak to compete. However people don’t understand this and the strong still use these rules to lord over the weak; by setting up their own perfect game. What will it take to break this cycle? It will be the people who understand the principle of equality; the first shall be last and the last shall be first.
Those who are prepared to go beyond playing the perfect game have the desire to serve rather than to rule.

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  1. Bobbie says:

    Now I know who the bariny one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

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