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Eye on Exec

There was excitement in the air at the second meeting of the VUWSA executive–something not usually associated with a congregation of bureaucrats.

Perhaps the exec was still in that honeymoon phase which new administrations/lovers are prone to, or maybe they were just happy to see Salient, the final bastion of accountability.

Whatever it was, several members were even wearing VUWSA t-shirts with prominently displayed smiley faces. Yes, the concept of ‘branding’ has finally been unearthed.

This was the first meeting of the executive which didn’t include the usual formalities of discussion of work reports. As previously reported in Salient, a Work Report Committee was established comprising of senior executive members who meet fortnightly to scrutinise all executive members’ work reports.

Such a change in policy has meant that the work executive members have been doing has received a new level of accountability. Combined with the option of being paid only for the hours they actually do, there has been less padding out of work reports and racking up of deficits of hours owed compared to previous years.

Without having to discuss work reports, the executive are meant to have more time to discuss the important issues facing VUWSA, such as its transition to a voluntary environment. And discuss things they did. Unfortunately, dear avid readers, said discussions took place in committee, due to reasons of ‘commercial sensitivity’, meaning Salient is not allowed to report on them.

However a number of significant motions came out of the discussions, some of which indicated VUWSA will be conducting a review of their governance structure, including executive remuneration. It’s not yet clear how the review will work, but students will have the opportunity to be involved in a consultation process.

Another motion saw the executive approve “the avoidance of all non-essential expenditure from now until the budget is finalised” in an attempt to steer the old ship VUWSA away from the looming iceberg that is its projected $140,000 deficit by year’s end.

The VUWSA Initial General Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 28 March at 1pm in the Student Union Building, for more information on the constitutional amendments and pizza on offer head to

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