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VUWSA By-Election

Vote for your student representatives on campus! Following the resignation of two positions, VUWSA is holding a by-election to elect new members of the executive. The positions are Vice President (Welfare) and International Officer.

Location: There will be one physical polling booth located at the VUWSA Reception, Level 2 of the Student Union Building.

Open times:

Wednesday 6 June: 9am to 5pm

Thursday 7 June: 9am to 5pm

Friday 8 June: 9am to 4pm

All VUWSA members will receive an email at 9am on 6 June, with a link to the electronic voting site.

Results will be posted on the VUWSA noticeboard and published in Salient at first opportunity.

Constance Mailer

International Officer

Hi Everyone,
Whether you are an international or domestic student at Victoria, VUWSA is meant to improve your University experience. As International Officer, I can contribute to the aims and purposes of VUWSA and assist everyone in making your voice heard, helping you with the challenges of study and an unfamiliar culture, and enhancing that exciting and sometimes daunting experience of adjusting to a new country! I am a 3rd year student studying a BA majoring in Latin and Greek. I have also taken papers in Law and Science, so I am familiar with a few faculties at Vic. I have travelled widely in Europe and Asia, and, as I emigrated with my family to live in NZ from the UK when I was a child, I am very familiar with the issues people face when adapting to a new country. Other cultures and languages interest me greatly: I speak Spanish, I hope to learn German next year and I love getting to know people from different parts of the world.  During my time at Vic, I have lived in two hostels, and flatted with a group of amazing international students. I love Wellington and can’t wait to show other students the amazing Kiwi culture here!

Lola Bamgbose

International Officer

Hello! Salut! Hola! Victoria University!!!!
My name is Adelola Bamgbose, but everyone calls me Lola. I am in my 2nd year at Victoria, Majoring in English and Public Policy and now I’ll like to be your International Student Officer.

I was a representative for African students (Afrotago) in Otago University; I was the secretary and the media rep. I liaised club members and its exes to the university and larger community of Dunedin. I am friendly and approachable person with networking skills. I am certain my skills and charisma makes me the right candidate for this position.

My Aims

Your voice is important, it will always be heard.

To make your study at Victoria as educating and exciting as you have pre-planned.

Creating and promoting events.

Exhibiting the beauty of your culture as well an opportunity to learn and enjoy a new culture.

So my fellow students give me your VOTE, let me Represent You!!!!

Novyl Kureshi

Vice President (Welfare)

Hey there people! My name is Novyl and I’m currently completing a BSc in Applied Physics. As you all know, the by election is on and I am running for your Vice President of Welfare. A lot of you maybe belligerent about this whole thing but you must remember that YOU have the power to change things.

As your VP of Welfare, if I am elected, you have my word that I will be fully committed to the welfare of the students.

But what is welfare? According to good ol’ Wiki it’s the provision of the minimum amount of well-being and support for all citizens and as students of Victoria, all of you have a right to this support. I will aim to make sure that each and every student is aware of these rights and the support that is available to them through the University. Your well-being will be my responsibility and I will not take it lightly.

I know what it is like to be a student as I have been here for almost four years now and how difficult things can get with the stress, worry and study. Fortunately, there is ample support at University and with me in charge, there will be more, hopefully. Students need all the support they can get and I will be fighting for you all, to make your experience at Vic the best it can be.

Please do not hesitate to come speak to me, if you see me around. I am open to suggestions and would really love to hear from you all about how the University can help you and/or how you would LIKE it to help you. After all, this is YOUR University and you have a say in what happens around here. So, exercise that power and vote for me! Get involved for the benefit to yourself and others!

Its all about you, the students!

Rory McCourt

Vice President (Welfare)

Hi! I’m Rory and I’m running for the position of Vice-President (Welfare), a role I have filled for the last couple of months. I’m putting in over 30 hours a week, and I’m loving it. That’s because student welfare is something I’m incredibly passionate about. It speaks to equality, equity and access. It’s about every student getting a decent go no matter what life (and the market) throws at them. It’s about fairness. I believe I’ve stepped up to the mark and worked my guts out at a time when students needed a strong voice for a better deal. Apart from helping to organise flu shots and the campaign for fair bus fares, I’ve been taking the initiative on getting student views at the forefront of both Wellington City’s Long Term Plan and the University’s smokefree campus consultation. In both circumstances, I’ve gone to students for their views. In both circumstances, students’ voices are being made loud and clear. Online polls, surveys and contact with clubs and rep groups have kept my work in line with your views. I’m in this job to serve, not be served. Perhaps my biggest contribution in the last few months has been around Budget 2012. You might have seen our poster campaign and march to the Parliament. For the first time in many years, Your Students’ Association took large-scale action against policy changes that will hurt students.  We stood up for you and your pocket when we should have. That’s something I’m proud of.

I’ve gained a grip on what VUWSA does to serve students, but also what potential there is for a more effective, efficient and focused Student Union in the future. I’ll be pushing for a better deal for students. I’ll continue fighting for a universal student allowance, for cheaper bus fares and maintenance of interest-free student loans. Immediately, we must fight changes to loans allowances that leave students and graduates worse off.

Because things are getting worse for students. We need a strong voice for a better deal.

Who better than someone who’s already got his shit together?

Vote McCourt and let’s keep a good thing going.

Sam McKearney

International Officer

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m a fourth year law and commerce student.  I believe I would be perfect for the role of “International Officer.”  This is because I understand how important international students are to our university and without them we would not be able to have the world-class facilities we have today.  If you voted for me I would bring

More support to international students

More social events at university

A dentist in the health centre

If you want all these great things to happen then please vote Sam for “International Officer”!!!

Vaishna Santhar

International Officer

I’m Vaishna Santhar and I’m 22 and was born and raised in Malaysia, so having lived there all my life, I have developed a high tolerance towards heat and ridiculous politics. I’m a Sociology and Linguistics major and I’m in my third year so hopefully by end of this year I’ll be done with my undergrad! The plan for next year is to travel a little, and then find a job that pays me to travel. I is running for International Officer of VUWSA because, being an international student has taught so much and I’d like to take that with me and share it with others who are in similar position as me. Dealing with homesickness, cultural difference and trying to fit in are just some of the issues I’ve faced and I’d to ensure that international students will feel like they have a voice and that they can belong in a new city, with cultures and people. I think it’s incredibly important to support international students’ involvement in VUWSA and other University activities as well as to encourage increased participation in extra-curricular activities. I’m all for equality, be it in marriage, education or healthcare. If I had to pick one pet peeve, it would have to be overusing the word “Like”. If I had more time, I’d probably read more, master the art of Laser Tag and watch more of Community. I believe that there aren’t stupid people, just ignorant ones. My favorite quote would have to be “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” by Voltaire.

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