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July 23, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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Partisan Hacks

Salient asked, “Should the Maori Party abandon the National Party?” The Hacks respond… 

ACT On Campus – Michael Warren

ACT on Campus believes that the future of the Maori Party’s confidence and supply agreement with National is not up to
us, but to the parties invloved to decide. However, this highlights the more important issue of Maori water rights. Water cannot be owned by a single entity or individual currently under common law.

Vic Labour – Reed Flemming

Ultimately this is a question for the Maori Party and it’s members. However, it is clear that the National Party is making a joke of a process which is very important to the Maori Party and many New Zealanders. The Maori Party should not be afraid to make a bold statement, as they have before, and walk away from this government which is hurting their whanau and selling out New Zealand.

Greens @ Vic – Harriet Farquhar

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see how the Maori party can continue to stand alongside this National Government, after John Key flippantly stated that the Government can ignore the decision of the Waitangi Tribunal, and that no one owns water (despite previously acknowledging Maori water rights). Mr Key’s comments make legal action, which would take years, a definite possibility, and are a disgrace to all New Zealanders who believe in a Treaty based approach.

Vic Nats – Christian hermansen

The Vic Nats believe the Maori Party have worked successfully with the National Party on numerous policy issues – both those relating directly to Maoridom, and those not – and by leaving Government the Maori party would lose their Ministerial positions, and therefore their direct influence over Government. This is, however, a decision for the Maori Party, not sideline commentators.

NZ First

Unfortunately, NZ First did not respond to Salient’s quite reasonable query this week. Shame, that.

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