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October 15, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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Editorial – Finalient

“Send out, Salient, the swift satiric point,
To smart the sluggard mind awake,
While Freedom anywhere in bonds is pent
No compromise with falseness make. Those freed today tomorrow forth must leap
Some further outpost there to take and keep.”

Big words, mate. Big words. But it was on those big words that Salient was founded in 1938. 76 years of writers, designers, delinquents and editors later, here we are, but the latest fools to think it possible. Eight months ago, we set out to make a magazine which reflected and challenged student opinion in all its diverse forms. We wanted the slogan “the organ of student opinion” to remain accurate. We wanted to make a magazine which was exciting, provocative and full of the LOLs.

25 issues on we can say with certainty that many of these things we didn’t accomplish. There weren’t nearly enough kittens, we know. And we weren’t sued in defamation. (Though, it is worth disclosing that Prime Minister John Key did in fact steal a duck once, and was a member of the National Front from 1987-1994.) But that’s the lesson. You set the bar high in the hope of jumping half as high. And that’s okay.

But enough of this characteristic lofty wank-fest, what matters is whether or not you enjoyed this rag. You’re the reason Salient exists. It’s as simple as that. So we hope you found something of interest within these fragrant pages—even if only once.

There are around 40 contributors to the average issue of Salient. Eight of these are paid staff.The rest do it all for the love. It goes without saying that this magazine couldn’t be made without them—they are Failient. There’s not room enough to name you all here—we’ll cover you with thanks, tears and smudged mascara in the coming days.

One among you, though, must be named and shamed. To Racheal, our designer: you’ve been a fabulous triangle, all the better to balance out our sqaure-ness. Your work has been the life-blood and character of the magazine, and your friendship one of the few things that helped us stay head-above-water. Thank you.

But those deserving of thanks are not just those whose work is in the pages.Without the flatemates, friends and Others who made room for our persistent dickishness, perpetual fatigue and sporadic fury, we would probably be dead right now. And that’s only mostly hyperbole.

And without doubt, last year’s unwashed, exhausted editors, Elle and Uther. You’ve been there for us from afar—Uther by way of the columns that gave us levity and pause in equal measure each Thursday evening, and Elle as the omnipresent, undying gChat demon.You were a fucking tough act to follow—thanks for both inspiring and keeping us in check.

By the time this issue comes out the new editors for 2013 may well have been selected. To you, person(s) of mystery: start banking sleep this summer and always wash your hands. And don’t fuck up the crossword.

We’re moving on, and so are some of you. For many this is your last week of uni. Ever. From this week you will be moving onto bigger, and for now let’s just say better, things. Though there’s a fair chance it’ll be fucking freaky. But enough of that. Don’t listen to us.We have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about. But I’m sure you’ve realised that by now.

For the rest of you, there is still much to come. But now it’s the end.Yes, you saw it coming. So farewell faithful friends. Ride forth. It’s been fun.Time to say good bye. We’ll see you someplace else.

Repeat after us,“Salient is fucking shit!”

Love always,

A &O

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