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Eye on Exec

VUWSA, obviously learning from past Eye on Exec columns, were notably restrained last week, running a tight ship when it came to their Monday night meeting.

Vice-President (Engagement) Mica Moore floated her plans to boost live music at Victoria as part of the Engagement Portfolio. After the disappointments that were O-Weeks ‘12 and ‘13, the Exec are no strangers to the fact that VUWSA needs to up its game in terms of event-hosting if it hopes to remain relevant and worthwhile in the eyes of the student body.

Moore explained the logistics and pros/cons of both small and large music events. Although running costs and risks associated with a large gig are high, VUWSA are somewhat bound to deliver, as “Rory promised it,” noted Moore, with a sigh. “We can’t promise [a big gig] in July, because what if Beyoncé’s not around in July?” The Exec eventually voted to pass the motions to support the plans, allowing VUWSA to spend up to $25,000 to organise and run a gig featuring an international act this year (if deemed likely to be successful enough to run a profit).

Wellbeing and Sustainability Officer Rick Zwaan ran the Exec through the upcoming Environment Week, and urged Exec members to do their best to attend events and get their friends along too. “Even if you can just click attending and invite your friends so they think you’re going.”

The Exec then discussed the issue of McCourt’s upcoming holiday leave: a US junket. Over the mid-year break McCourt will be attending a programme for global young leaders and also take the time to visit students’ associations in Canada. Unfortunately the holiday didn’t turn out to be quite the scoop Salient had hoped for, as the trip will not be funded in any way by VUWSA, and McCourt has yet to decide whether he will even file work reports for the trip. As McCourt assured the Exec that he would be available for expert advice and crisis support during his sojourn, and have his iPhone on him “at all times”, Salient was left wondering: which one?


CORRECTION: The previous edition of Eye on Exec implied that the 2013 Executive is not as open as 2012. This is incorrect. The column meant to explain that up until 2012 the Executive’s governance was not particularly transparent. This improved drastically in 2012, and these improvements have been carried on to this year.

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