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July 22, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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Beer’d – Eight Months to Mars

Over a few too many beers at the pub late one night, a friend asked: “If you were going to Mars and could only take three beers to drink for the entire trip there, what would they be?” Perhaps he’d been listening to too much Afternoons with Jim Mora, but this desert-island beer question got me thinking about why I drink a beer, and my answers surprised even myself.

We beer geeks often strive for the new and exciting, hunting down the latest barrel-aged-imperial-rye-whatever. We’ll mull over it and stroke our often-bearded chins as we take notes, but we’ll always come back to trusty ol’ faithful afterwards. And sadly, the ol’ faithful beers tend to end up in the shadow of the flavour of the month.

So what three beers could I drink for eight months without getting tired of them?

The Quaffer: Three Boys Golden Ale

Sometimes I just want a beer. I don’t want to think about it, put up with intense bitterness or big sweet malts – I just want to drink it, and for it to be tasty.

Three Boys Golden has been faithfully filling this role for me since its initial release years ago. Its simple malt-and-hop combo—rumoured to be simply a single malt and a single hop (Nelson Sauvin)—make for an easy-going, thirst-quenching beer. For me, the key to Golden’s allure is its beautiful hop character – the light, earthy passionfruit of Nelson Sauvin hops punctuate the finish, putting it far above your standard thirst-quenching-but-tastes-like-water lager.

Runner up: ParrotDog FlaxenFeather

The Hop Bomb: 8 Wired Hopwired IPA

Following a quaffer, I’ll often have the taste for something with a bit more body and bite. Hopwired’s tropical fruity hops not only smell great, but give the beer an assertive, but balanced bitterness to challenge the palate. If I’m travelling millions of miles away from Earth, I’ll want something that tastes of home. 8 Wired Hopwired IPA was one of the first beers to show New Zealand hops’ unique terroir, a term usually heard in reference to wine but just as valid with hops.

The Dark: Renaissance Elemental Porter

A robust dark ale is a great way to finish a drinking session, and over the years Renaissance Elemental Porter has never let me down. It sits at the strong-ish six-per-cent ABV, so has enough body to not be watery after a hop bomb. Elemental’s beautiful chocolate/coffee flavours, given by its complex mix of roasted malts, are sure to satisfy after a long day of space travel. Its rich and satisfying roasty finish make Elemental a fitting nightcap for the depths of space.

Now I just need to convince the brewers to put their beers in little squeezy space-bags.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, tweet me @davethebeerguy

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