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VUWSA By-Election

Vote for your student representatives on VUWSA! Following the resignation of two Executive positions, VUWSA is holding a by-election to elect new members. The positions are Vice-President (Welfare) and Education Officer. A second student representative for the Publications Committee is also being sought.


Polling will be held from Friday 23 August at 9 am until Sunday 25 August at 5 pm.

Online: VUWSA members will receive an email with instructions on how to vote online, which shall be open for this entire period.

In Person: There will be a physical polling booth at the VUWSA Kelburn Office (located on Level 2 of the Student Union Building), between 10 am–2 pm on Friday 23 August.


Vice-President (Welfare)

The Welfare Vice-President heads the Welfare Team, and is responsible for ensuring that VUWSA provides a diverse and appropriate range of welfare-based services to members and students. They work closely with the Welfare and Sustainability Officer and the Equity Officer to ensure that students are provided with the right services and support to ensure their time at Victoria is the best it can be. They work closely with VUW Student Services and welfare-based Representative Groups on campus. 20 hours per week.

Rick Zwaan

(Also running for Publications Committee)

Kia Ora, I’m Rick and I’m running for the position of Vice-President (Welfare), a role I’ve filled for the past couple of months. Before being appointed to the role, I worked hard as your Wellbeing and Sustainability Officer to drive the campaign for Fairer Fares. I’ve consistently put over 30hrs a week into the job because I love it and I’m incredibly passionate about ensuring students are treated fairly. Besides running the Fairer Fares campaign I’ve helped organise Stress Free Study Week, kept Council in check while they reform alcohol policy, stood up for students’ basic rights at work, and worked hard to keep the Student Services Levy low. I’ve gained a good understanding of how to effectively work with the University and Council for better outcomes for students and will continue to stand up for you and your pocket.

Vote Zwaan to keep a good thing going.

Arthur Bird

Kia Ora.

Who is Arthur? Arthur is a returning 2nd year Tourism Management Student with a passion for ECO & Sustainable Tourism products, practices and operation. His interests are wide allowing such to play a huge part in his interactions with those around him. Practical in action, Arthur thrives on his abilities to be creative and out there. He has a passion, a genuine down to earth roll up your sleeves vision and heart for people. To be an active part of VUWSA is to be a strong voice for you, You who we represent in Action not just words.


Education Officer

The Education Officer works closely with the Vice-President (Academic), regarding academic matters within the University and student representation. In particular, the Education Officer works closely with education-based rep groups, seeking feedback and supporting their activities and initiatives where appropriate. They also take an active role in supporting and training Class Representatives, and, where appropriate, working with the Campaigns Officer to run education-based campaigns. 10 hours per week.

Rāwinia Thompson

Kia ora tātou ngā tauira o Te Whare Wānanga o te Ūpoko o te Ika a Māui,

Rāwinia is my name, and advocacy is my game. I’m a first-year student of Law, Politics and Policy, who appreciates cute, curly-haired, loveable canines that remind me so much of myself. I’m no stranger to empowering students, facilitating discussion between students and staff, or advocating for the interests of students, young people and other vulnerable groups at the highest levels of decision-making. I’m not afraid to hold the University to account and advocate strongly for a fair go for all students in the academic arena.

Vote Rāwinia Thompson for Education Officer for an experienced, incredibly passionate advocate who will work to ensure the University delivers the quality education you deserve.

Ravitesh Ratnam

Hey everyone!

I’m Ravi, second year and I want to put myself out there run for Education Officer against the excellent Miss Thompson (good luck to her).

I’m real passionate about getting the best education and opportunities for every student, not just the top 10%. For me this means getting better training for Class Reps and therefore allowing them to become more effective at getting each students voice heard. Better representation lets the right changes happen!

It’s a personal goal of mine to be elected and it would be awesome for you guys to help me out, cheers for reading. =]


Publications Committee Student Representative

The Publications Committee is responsible to the VUWSA Executive for the financial supervision of Salient. This is for the second student representative position, who sits on the Committee alongside VUWSA’s President and Treasurer-Secretary, the current Salient co-editors and one person appointed by Ngāi Tauira. The Committee is responsible for appointing 2014’s Editor(s).

John Stewart

My name is John Stewart. I have completed a Political Science degree, and am continuing my Law degree. I have also begun a post graduate diploma in Commerce, specialising in public policy.

I am extremely interested in governance and representation, so my academic pursuits cater toward organisation and coordination of people. These are not my only interests however. As a result of my father being a journalist, I grew up in a family environment in which expression, and the capacity for it, were placed on a podium. I believe Salient as a forum for student conversation and criticism is vital to Victoria students’ university experience. We as students must take part in our own organisation to best represent our opinions.

Appoint me to your Publications Committee and make your voices heard.

Rick Zwaan

Kia Ora, I’m Rick and, as well as running for Vice-President Welfare, I’m also running to be on the Publications Committee. It’s important that this committee provides good support for student media so they can be an effective manifestation of the student voice. I’ll bring direction to the committee with the aim that it fulfills the potential it has. It’s about enabling students to be seen and heard as valuable members of the University Community, Salient and the VBC are an integral means for that. They ensure that the University and VUWSA are held to account while also connecting students to cat memes. I’ll make sure that the Salient charter has a provision for adequate representation of cats.

Vote Zwaan cause cats.

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