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Seinfeld: A Deity

Seinfeld is the best TV show ever. Its reputation is flawless. If you are in tune with popular culture at all, you will definitely have seen Friends. Well Seinfeld is of the same era as Friends, but it’s like 10,000 times better (objectively). Seinfeld ran for nine seasons between 1989 and 1998. Its tagline is the “show about nothing”. This is true: just four pals, living their lives, hanging out and having a laugh. It’s. Just. So. Great.

Shows about ‘things’ always meet sad ends. How far can you really take a hospital drama? Not very far at all. Seinfeld is intelligent, it’s witty (the best kind of humour), sarcastic, cynical and absolutely shameless. The characters are eccentric, ridiculous, selfish, and real. So so real. It will make you think and it will make you laugh. It will not make you feel sad. It is not serious, ever. Seinfeld will never cause you to cry (unless those tears are caused by laughter—which will totally happen). Other sitcoms get too serious—Seinfeld is all hilarity, all laughs. It can be dark. But dark in a real-life sort of way. Not in the other kind of scary way. Unless you mean scary-accurate (which it is). It’s been off the air for 15 years. Yet there has yet to be anything better. I proudly proclaim it is the best-written sitcom throughout human and television history.

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld (a heavenly match in comedy) manage to turn those ‘everyday moments’ into comedy gold. It’s all very relatable. Everyday occurrences are turned into comedy, the humour that comes naturally in life (if you are so inclined) comes out in Seinfeld. Death, divorce; all kinds of tragedy can be funny. It’s terrific. That selfish arsehole deep inside you. Seinfeld will bring that out (onscreen). Sure, there are tons of other good and humorous shows out there, but they all end up being too sentimental. For every great show, I can guarantee Seinfeld’s worst season is better than any of their bests.

A good way to gauge whether a potential new friend is worthy of your (precious) time or not is to ask them if they like Seinfeld. If they say no, your immediate reaction should be to WALK AWAY. Do not look back. If they say they have not seen it, you, yes you! Have the opportunity to open their minds to so much future joy.

If you begin to watch Seinfeld now, you too can be part of the jokes. Ever heard people reference the Soup Nazi? Hellooo Newman? Festivus? The Manzier? Body butter? Once watching Seinfeld, you too will be able to partake in these jokes.

The show is a melting pot for future (now current, sometimes past) stars. Before you saw Bryan Cranston on Malcolm in the Middle as Hal and WAY before you saw him as that guy with cancer who starts making meth on Breaking Bad, he was on Seinfeld. Yeah, that’s right (a Puddy joke from Seinfeld that you will get very soon) in a recurring role as a dentist named Dr Tim Whatley. In another moment of better-than-Friends triumph, Courteney Cox also featured as Jerry’s girlfriend/fake wife in an episode.

You learn many life lessons: 1) It is always important to have a local café to meet with friends; 2) Everyone is just as selfish as everyone else; 3) If you can find the humour, you are doing something right; 4) Don’t trust a mailman (this hasn’t been proved).

It is widely accepted knowledge that TV-show reunions are usually a disappointment. Not with Seinfeld. Larry David has a show (that is nearly as amazing as Seinfeld) called Curb Your Enthusiasm where he plays a fictionalised version of himself. The version of himself in that show organised a Seinfeld reunion. It was meta. This served as a way to satisfy the Seinfeld fan, without disappointing them. Great!

While writing this, I typed into Google “seinfeld is the best show ever”—the results concluded I was correct. That was a recommended Google search. I did a quick survey around the office, asking whether Seinfeld was indeed the best show ever. Of all the people asked (of which there were many), all the respondents who had seen the show agreed that it was the Best Show Ever. Conclusive proof. There is no better show. Sure, humour is subjective and truth is relative. Not here. Not when Seinfeld is involved.

Caution: It’s always a bad idea to start watching a new show around this time of year with exams and assignments looming. You have been warned. Actually, for those that start watching it, procrastination is inevitable. Seinfeld is great choice.

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