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May 4, 2014 | by  | in Opinion The Bone Zone |
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The Bone Zone

Cupie yo. Just wondering what feels good for guys who have uncircumcised thangs during sex/bjs/hjs? i mean is it any different for guys without that part? AGGH GUYS’ PARTS CONFUSE ME.

Well look at that, winter is upon us, and just in time for the colder months you’ve discovered a peen all wrapped up in its wee turtleneck! While coming across something you’re not used to in the bedroom can throw your game off, uncircumcised dicks are nothing to worry about. In fact, circumcision is much less common here than it is overseas (especially in the US), and the hatless snake is a relatively rare breed to find lurking in New Zealand trousers.

Circumcision, for the uninitiated, is a procedure in which the foreskin (the fleshy sleeve that surrounds the penis) is removed – usually for religious or health reasons. As a result, the head of the penis is always out and about, which over time makes it less sensitive than one that spends the majority of the time chilling in its hoodie. Uncircumcised cocks, then, are the more sensitive souls of the penis family, and this means there are some differences as to what feels good…

Hand jobs: Going hot and heavy on the head, and only the head, during a hand job is like someone heading for the rawest part of your clit straight off the bat. Sure, it’s hitting the right nerve endings, but it’s too intense to be enjoyable, and too dry to be comfortable. Unless it’s dripping in lube, you’re going to want to keep the foreskin as a barrier between your hand and the penis the whole time. Sometimes they can be slippery little beggars, so it helps to create a ring of pressure between your thumb and forefinger about a centimetre below the end of the foreskin. Maintain a firm hold throughout to ensure the head is constantly protected, but jazz-up your handiwork by experimenting with shifting the pressure of your grip to different spots. Adjust according to volume of moans and frequency of “Ooh baby”.

Blow jobs: If keeping the foreskin in place seems a pesky consideration during a hand job, that all changes when you’re giving head. Here, you don’t need to worry nearly as much about not touching the head, because your mouth acts as a warm, wet foreskin-extension. While you still shouldn’t spend the entire time sucking dick with the foreskin pulled right back, you can add a spicy side to your main course of up-and-down by giving the head some tender loving licks (which also has the added benefit of giving your jaw a break). During BJs, let your lips create the seal that your thumb and forefinger made at the HJ stage, so that your mouth and foreskin unite as one never-ending orgasmic tube sock.

Sex: Given that your vagina is markedly less dexterous than your hands and mouth, there’s little you can do during sex to ensure that the foreskin’s sitting in a comfortable place. So long as you’re sufficiently wet/using enough lube, it probably won’t matter whether the head’s out or not, although this varies from wang to wang. It is possible to put a condom on in a way that keeps the foreskin in place, but it’s probably easier to let your man figure that out according to his personal preference. If you’re not using condoms, you can look forward to feeling the foreskin slip forward and retract inside you, which feels way better than a ribbed condom, and will have you thinking “For(e)-skin? You bet I am!” in no time at all.

Go fore-th and prosper,

Cupie xx

Ahh, Week 8: that delightful time of the year when everything’s due at once, every second night’s an all-nighter, and your diet consists of Red Bull, two-minute noodles and regret. Fortunately for you, staying stress-free during this hellish time is just a wank away! That’s right, whether you’re flicking the bean or buffing the banana, masturbation is a great way to relieve stress, improve your mood, and get a good night’s sleep. It’s cheaper than a massage, faster than taking a hot bath, and unlike smoking a fat one, you can’t get arrested for it (provided you indulge in the privacy of your own home). Too busy to reach the pleasure plane yourself? Let a toy do the hard work for you – you can pick up a vibrator or sleeve for less than $20. It’s simple, really: treat yourself to an easy O for an easy A.

Toy: Luv Touch Mini Mite Vibrator, $30

This wee vibrator holds a special place in my heart as it was the first one I ever purchased, and goddamn, had I known $30 would feel this good, I would have paid it a long, long time ago. A clit vibrator, it does what it sets out to do pretty quickly, has incredible battery efficiency, and comes in a variety of different colours.

That being said, you really get what you pay for with this one. It looks cheap, the waterproof seal seems deeply untrustworthy, it’s very noisy, and is prone to randomly turning itself on. Finally, although it came with four differently textured removable caps, the only discernible difference between these “soothing head attachments” is that three of them actually kind of hurt, but the other one feels pretty fucking awesome. All in all, an excellent first vibrator, but you’ll want to upgrade pretty quickly.


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