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May 8, 2016 | by  | in Editorial |
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Editorial—Issue 09, 2016

PSA: Eating this donut was gross. Cream should never be that sweet.

Last week we served you up a pain issue, and everyone loved it. We’ve had so much positive feedback—thank you to everyone who stopped to say so, whether to us, or to our writers—it was heart-warming to know that these incredibly important and personal stories were so well received.

Needless to say, we got great pleasure out of the pain issue. But in the wake of the pain issue, we had to start our pleasure issue. It turns out, that after one issue is a banger, it’s impossible to feel as stoked on the next week. A Salient comedown. We started to worry that this issue just wouldn’t be as good.

We felt despondent and we felt flat; Jayne’s uterus had a storm brewing inside of it that was sapping the energy not only from herself, but from the team. Emma had back pains, due to over-estimating her prowess in a weights class, combined with sleeping on an air bed. Ella was feeling “brain-dead” and uninspired for the week ahead. Maybe it was the moon, maybe it was Mercury in retrograde, maybe it was Jayne’s uterus emitting bad vibes to our uter-ii.

And then Wednesday rolled around, we came up with a cover image, walked down to New World metro to collect the props required (no one on Twitter responded to our desperate plea to bring us a donut). After a walk, a talk, and a relaxing night, we all felt lighter, Jayne’s uterus started shedding its lining, and things picked up again.

Pleasure is an elusive beast—it’s transient and ephemeral, and often exists somewhere close to melancholy, as an escape or antidote to it, followed by a quick return. Pleasure is a culturally and socially taught thing. We’re scolded for over indulgence, and praised for resisting it, like some new age presbyterian culture.

We saw the perfect photo of ‘pleasure’ this week—Mum and Dad (Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts) carrying a bunch of expensive booze into the mediaworks office, with big smiles on their face. You could hear their smiles.

The demise of MediaWorks out of touch fascist leader Mark Weldon sent waves through the media, to the surprise of few people. He got rolled by Barry. On Weldon’s rap sheet, to name a few, is the nixing of Campbell, the arrival of Newshub, and the hard-hitting high-brow show that is changing the very face of journalism—Story.  Oh yeah, he also developed the gossip website Scout, with Rachel Glucina spearheading it, allegedly because they were boning.

Weldon arrived in 2014 with a plan to take MediaWorks out of receivership, but valuing cheap entertainment such as Story segments on kiwifruit, cross-breeding, and ugliest architecture around the country, is scraping the barrel. It’s not at the brink any longer, allegedly, and we can’t wait to see what comes of TV3 now.

So jump in, grab a donut, preferably one that is full of cream and sickly sweet, and enjoy the delights between the pages.

Emma & Jayne xoxo

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