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Eye on Exec

Marlon went to submit at the Wellington 10 year plan twice: once about community building and combating sexual violence with Beth, which he said was “all Beth, really”, and once with the Living Wage movement.

VUWSA had a catch-up with PGSA last Monday night. There was wine and cheese involved.

Marlon sat on stage for Graduation. His hands were sore from clapping. He learnt proper clapping technique: four claps at the end of the round of applause. He said he “didn’t nearly fall asleep, don’t report that”.

Paddy has been writing a memo about government policies about sexual harassment and assault, which Grant Robertson will take to cabinet.

The Exec discussed having a “Meal in May” potluck to fundraise for Kaibosh. They decided instead of having a public dinner, to have a potluck at Beth and Ella’s house. Marlon submitted the Rental Tenancies Act submission, which had been crowdsourced from students. He almost sent out a bunch of student emails along with the submissions, but was reminded just in time not to. He also asked us not to report this.

Lilli Street, CanDo co-president, and Erin Page, UniQ president, came along to the meeting as guests. They introduced themselves and their rep groups, and discussed how they could work together best with VUWSA.

CanDo is a group that represents the disabled student community within Vic. Lilli said that CanDo had five exec members, most of whom were extremely busy. Lilli said that they are working towards hosting a fortnightly social event.

UniQ represents the queer student community on campus. They have alternating games night and discussion nights every week, and they invited the VUWSA exec to come along.

The Exec discussed whether or not they should sign a letter in support of the Zero Carbon Act, which the University of Canterbury Student Association had suggested. The Zero Carbon Act is an Act developed by the group Generation Zero, which commits New Zealand to zero carbon by 2050. Some members of the Exec felt as if they didn’t know enough about the act to support it. Beth said she “trusts UCSA”.

Marlon moved to support the open letter for the Zero Carbon Act. Three people abstained from the vote, which Connor pointed out was their most contentious vote yet. Joseph disagreed, saying that the Chat in the Hat was the most contentious.

VUWSA moved to appoint Camilla Belich to be a member of the VUWSA Trust.

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