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May 28, 2018 | by  | in Politics |
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The Party Line

Who’s going to win Dancing with the Stars?


The Young Nats have no opinion on who should win. We’re too busy holding the Ardern-Peters Government to account.
– Grahame Woods.


David. Because he finally knows what hard work is.

ACT on Campus 


David is doing fantastic and is improving week on week, so continue texting 3333 so he can keep gracing our screens every Sunday night. Hopefully the platform it gives him allows him to continue to highlight the inefficiency of the current government. He has the potential to win and with the public’s support that is a real possibility… although just quietly, it’s gonna be Suzy Cato.

– James Allan

Greens at Vic

We thought we might just discuss the Budget a bit.

Just like David Seymour’s rumba, this government’s Budget just isn’t enough. When Jacinda and Grant should be getting Aotearoa moving with a quickstep, they’re half-heartedly waltzing around the big issues. Labour’s “transformational” Budget commits to spending a smaller proportion of GDP than National did for most of their three terms. New Zealand needs real change — when we needed a breath of fresh air like Sam Hayes’ rumba, we just got another one of Zac Franich’s (who?) forgettable dances.

Like David Seymour’s reliance on “ACT on Campus” spending their evenings texting *3333, the small injection of cash into our struggling and underfunded health system is no more than life support. Marama Fox’s strong rebound in recent weeks comes as Labour’s Māori caucus fails to secure any more than a measly $9 million year for Māori development. It’s no surprise Sam Hayes can spend so much time rehearsing, because there’s really no new changes in the Budget to report. Our services and our people are crying out for help, but this Budget simply danced straight past them. After nine years of neglect, fiscal “discipline” and astounding surpluses are simply irresponsible, much like having Dai Henwood host live TV.

David Seymour may have had the lowest score so far (just 14!), but Labour’s Budget is even less impressive. The Government has continued to keep the same harmful & ineffective benefit sanctions, many of which they promised to remove, and failed to make any necessary increases to benefit levels.

Nonetheless, we’re always pleased to see Suzy Cato’s wholesome dance pieces, much like we’re pleased to see the largest funding increase for DOC in 16 years, the $100m kickstart to the Green Investment Fund, and new funding for home insulation to help our most vulnerable stay warm and dry.

For the record, we’re backing Suzy Cato and Marama Fox.

– Lachlan Patterson

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