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July 16, 2018 | by  | in Film |
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Winter Warmers: About Time

From the English joy that brought you Love Actually, snuggle yourselves down for the masterpiece that is About Time. Usually the phrase “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry!” is a stink cliche that tells you nothing about the actual content or flavour of the film. However, you will genuinely laugh and cry because Domhnall Gleeson (yes, Brendan’s baby boy), national treasure Bill Nighy, and love of my life Rachel McAdams are acting angels sent down by the Film Gods to deliver the most quintessentially human performances possibly ever.
The quirky sci-fi facet of About Time (I’ll let you guess what it is), is not twee or flashy, but used to phenomenal effect to study the catapulting of characters through the spectacularly messy business of life. Gleeson’s character, the protagonist Tim, is aided by his Papa (Nighy) and his family, who you will one hundred percent wish adopted you. But even a loving family cannot deal with the pressures of dating; Tim must go at this alone with the help (?) of his newfound skill.
Unlike the other namby pamby fluff films of yesteryear, About Time does not gloss over or bedazzle the difficult things in life. For once the audience gets the guts and glory of life with children, complicated relationships, and essentially being a human adult, all with great soundtrack choices such as Jimmy Fontana’s absolute banger, Il Mondo.
So step aside Love Actually and every fairytale ever, because shit’s about to get realistic, and (once you stop happy/sad sobbing) you are going to love it.

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