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The honeymoon period is now over, and we’re back into the swing of Trimester Two. As the workload increases, being conscious of our well-being matters all the more.
Despite the initial hype, the beginning of my university experience was one of my loneliest experiences to date. Despite being surrounded by people all the time, in lecture theatres and the halls, I felt isolated in my world of readings and assignments. At the time, I felt like I was only one feeling this way. Now that I’m on the other side, with the luxury of hindsight, I can see that experiencing loneliness at university is a part of many students’ lives, yet hardly anyone talks about it. Perhaps because this lonely feeling is never straightforward, and once you feel it, it’s hard to tell anyone that you feel this way. This loneliness can be crippling, as everyone has a need for some sort of meaningful human contact; it’s a key way in which we ground ourselves.
For me personally, it got better when I joined a degree specific association. Weekly without fail, we meet to play sport, and share lots of laughs. It’s a time where we can forget about the stress of academics and enjoy each other’s company. We are a small community of friends, within a vast university.
I acknowledge this past loneliness publicly, so others can take comfort in the fact that they aren’t alone.
So, I urge you all to take that first step, no matter how difficult it may feel. Reach out to a friend for a catch up. Join that club you were interested in. If that club doesn’t exist, take the opportunity to create it. I hope you see that there is a community and a place to belong out there for you too.

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